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Thread: Hello everyone. :)

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    Default Hello everyone. :)

    Hello everyone, new to the site. First off let me get this out of the way. I have a huge ABDL fetish and I wasn't sure where to go to, so that's why I joined this site so I thought I'd share what I think with everyone to open up to. I currently don't have anyone to open up to because last time I did that to a friend, well you know the rest. Well I have a huge obsession with wanting to wear diapers and adult baby clothing, etc. But I cant do that since I'm currently at my parents house. Yes I know I may sound weird. It's just I can't get this off my chest. And I'm afraid to bring this up to a Therapist because no one understands the fetish. And I'm to the point of breaking because I have a desire to wear diapers. I don't know anyone irl that has the same fetish or to share with it so that's out of the question. And I want to do something about this fetish, I don't know if I should embrace it or not, I have worn some pullups before while my parents weren't looking and I enjoyed wearing them, they felt good. Sorry if it sounds weird. But yeah that's my story. Hope to meet everyone and become friends. And I'm also a Gamer and an Anime fan.

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    Welcome to ADISC! What are a few of your favorite anime? Also, do you have any pets? :3

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    Mosly Naruto, Bleach, Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, etc I have allot of anime I've been watching and yes I do have animals, 3 in fact.

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    Hello and welcome to the site. As you can see, ADISC is home to many others just like yourself, so there's no need to feel alone! And yes, just about everyone here will tell you that it's better to embrace this part of yourself than deny it. Of course, living at home may be an obstacle, but it seems that most ab/dl's find a way around it, such as indulging when no one else is at home.

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    You would be surprised at who would try to understand our community, because its not just a fetish. So use us as your confidant to tell us what is going on. Anyways welcome to the site

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    Hey !
    And welcome, let me know if you ever wanna chat a bit!

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