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Thread: Caught sleeping?

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    Default Caught sleeping?

    Any one on here been caught sleeping in a nappy/diaper?

    If you were asleep and moved the covers or something?

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    No and I'd be terrified of the outcome if I ever was. Unless I were IC and people knew about it, then it wouldn't bother me so much.

    Were you caught or something?

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    Default Caught sleeping?

    Getting caught sucks big time.

    I've never once have been 'caught' in a diaper during the day (which is a miracle, considering how and when I wear them) but I did have a family member partially see me with one on while was asleep years ago.

    Thankfully it was just my grandma, and it was fairly dark/late at night, but I know for sure that for a few moments, she had a mostly clear view of my (diapered) butt from the side somewhat.

    I was and still am very careful about wearing to bed, but that night the family dog snuck in and without me knowing managed to mess up the covers somehow. I swear I have worse luck with animals than humans when it comes to being discreet with diapers. Might have also been noticed once while on a backpacking/camping trip, but I'm not certain on that one.

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    I wore diapers to bed quite often as a kid, and if I was ever caught while sleeping, my parents never let on. It's a little surprising, really, because I can recall a few quasi-binges where I wore diapers almost every night for weeks at a time. Mostly these were my sister's and my old cloth baby diapers, pinned on in various ways. This might have been the thing that saved me, actually, because without the plastic pants (they'd been thrown away, I think), the cloth diapers might have passed for underwear at a glance -- as long as the pins with plastic duckies on them weren't visible.

    There was one bedtime incident where I'm fairly sure I was caught, but somehow still survived: I was lying on the floor next to my bed, pinning on my diapers, when suddenly my bedroom door flew open. I was probably nine or ten years old at the time. On instinct, I leaped up and into bed, pulling the covers over me. My mom proceeded to lecture me about some totally non-diaper-related thing and then left, never inquiring about the flurry of activity she'd encountered upon opening the door. Reflecting on things, it's hard for me to see how she wouldn't have noticed that I was wearing diapers.

    Looking back, given all the years I was keeping and wearing baby diapers -- cloth, Pampers, etc. -- I'm pretty sure my parents knew and just chose not to confront me about it. Possibly they thought it was a weird phase and would go away. Well, it did go away -- when I turned 18 and left home.

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    I kick pretty violently in my sleep and kick off my covers quite often and my pajama pants often get down to a lower ride throughout the night, so I'm pretty sure at some point my roomate who I share a bedroom with has seen the diaper on me, but he already knows I have to wear them though, and he hasn't made a deal out of it or anything. *shrug*

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    same here, if i get caught i might not know what ill do, or how ill explain it.

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    I was never caught sleeping and I would not want to be, the whole thought of being caught and found out is scary in itself.

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    Caught sleeping, I don't know because I was asleep; Its hard to know what happens while ones asleep XD
    But I will say I've never been confronted, or lead to believe I was caught while sleeping.

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    No, I never have and I hope I never will.

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