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    I forgot how to play i have toys lots of toys its just been so long since i used them that i forgot how its like my imagination is limited idk i mean i have legos and barbies and teddys and other toys im just lost i have not played with toys since i was like 5 lol but any-who i guess i just need some ideas

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    How about you put all your toys together and have a pretend tea party with them? Or you can make up a story off the top of your head where they have adventures and meet each other, and you can make them talk to each other in funny voices. As for Teddies, they're perfect for cuddling up with whilst watching a Little show, or even something like a scary film!

    I think the issue won't so much be that your imagination is limited, but that it's just a bit rusty from your having not played as a little would for a long time. Once you get back into it, you'll be fine, Babyjewels.

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