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Thread: Molicare Premium soft super absorbancy

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    Default Molicare Premium soft super absorbancy

    I was wearing those on a daily basis last year and for some reasons, I stoped buying them. I liked how they where slim enough for daytime but absorbant enough for night time.

    Now I bought a case and I was suprised how less absorbant they are. They can handle a night time use, but I feel so wet in them. They don't swell like they used to and the padding come appart.

    Anyone noticed a change or I got a bad batch? Or maybe it's my perceptions.

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    They're decently absorbent but not on the level of the NorthShore Supremes or Abena M4s. I believe when I tested them, their max capacity was around 1000mL - slightly over half of the NorthShore diapers. I have a full review coming out shortly so keep an eye on the Diaper Reviews section of articles.

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    I know, but my question is wether or not it's absorbancy has changed over the last year. It's a question toward those who use this diaper often.

    My feeling is they dropped the quality a bit. Like Tena did over the last years. But fortunatly, they did not ruin this diaper, like Tena did.

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