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Thread: New Pretty Hair Bows!

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    Default New Pretty Hair Bows!

    I am going to be buying them today! They have baabaas on them lol! I want to wear them in high piggies tales. I think they will look especially cute when I got my short dungarees on (only my hair isn't long enough yet). But it is growing!
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    Awwww they are sooo cute :P My hairs super long, but unfortunately the cute barrettes and bows I had ended up being a baby-purge at one point... Oddly enough that was more anxiety-related than self-denial though. (I suffer from anxiety to the point where I actually think about if I died and someone had to take care of things could I live with them having to deal with my stuff???)...I wiiissh I had something cute like those again. <3

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    awww Plushie! My heart goes out to you. I know what you mean by purging your little things away. I have done it myself in the past, I feel so guilty sometimes about having nice things. It is something I am struggling a lot with now. My husband is wonderful though and says just be yourself to me. So if I want to carry my Bounce kangaroo in my arms and wear my dungarees with baaabaas it is ok. I once read somewhere that the biggest prison we build ourselves is often what we worry other people think of us *hugs*.

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    I know... It's quite a struggle for me. But I'm really happy for you. You've found some great bows, and sounds like you have a great guy too!

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    This forum needs a LIKE button And Plushie keep in there there's one more person here for you.
    (I'm Growing my hair ATM so no bows yet )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna View Post
    This forum needs a LIKE button And Plushie keep in there there's one more person here for you.
    (I'm Growing my hair ATM so no bows yet )
    Awww thanks! And yes it certainly does! Isn't there a suggestions option in Administrative stuff? Maybe start a new thread there and see where it goes?

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