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Thread: Stress reliever?

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    Default Stress reliever?

    Anybody have this "activity" as mainly a stress-reliever? For instance, I don't find this overly sexual, or for regression feelings. I am in a very intense academic environment, as well as several family factors adding to a stressful life in addition to a history of depression. But diapers literally let me forget all of that, I can wear one and completely unwind. I'm not actually sure how I would be able to do everything I do without a stress reliever this powerful to me. Just wondering if this is a pretty known take of this "fetish"

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    Pretty much same here. I dont get any personal sexual excitement out of wearing one, but it is pretty nice to see a partner wearing. But yeah, mines an anxiety/comfort thing. Everyone has different reasons for it :3

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    It is definitely a stress reliever. It is like I have no responsibilities once I am wearing. It is pure bliss.

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    I think a lot of people on here have used it as a stress reliever at some point, myself included. It's not always the case for me, sometimes I wear just for kicks, sometimes to regress a bit.

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    Stress reliever - yes, but not only that (far from it). And it's mainly for the longer term, medium level kind of stress. When the stress is too high and especially when I'm suddenly very upset about something (like once-a-month kind of upset), I don't have any desire for diapers of cute clothes at that moment. However, the point when I finally joined ADISC and started to fully and shamelessly indulge was after a short period of very high stress and a few short-term setbacks in my life (April this year, so I'm still a newbie here).

    Sexual - percentage wise I think my case would be definitely more than 0% sexual but definitely less than 50% (and probably less than 25%) sexual. Like the stress factor, it's a part of it, but not the main part. And I've never done anything AB/DL/LG related with another person and can't even remember having such thoughts or wanting it. It's mainly my private, alone time for me.

    But I still don't have 100% understanding of it. I have accepted it, I am actually quite happy about it, but still wondering about and trying to figure out the why's.

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    I am in the same boat as far as mainly a stress reliever and not so much on the sexual side. I would be lying if I said that it is never sexual, but that isn't why I wear.

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    A bit too much for me... I tend to lose motivation and energy when I pad up at home. I think that's pretty common here though. Not good when you want to get stuff accomplished over a long weekend...

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    Wearing and wetting allows me to decompress after a stressful day, even if it is only for a half hour or so. I work in a very stressful environment, go to school one night a week, run side businesses, and have ongoing factors in my life that cause a huge amount of stress. Just this short decompression time allows me to reset and focus on my next task or challenge.

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    Big time. When I went off antidepressants I wore diapers almost exclusively. I knew I tended to wore more often during stressful periods, but this was the first time I'd felt an almost irresistible urge to wear. Diapers helped me come off medication, which is never something I would've imagined when I started wearing them.

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    Since I started wetting the bed again I have been a much calmer person. Definitely a great stress reliever.

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