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    I have been away from this site almost a full year, I was having trouble with my partner at the time not understanding about my desires to be an abdl. It got to the point I just gave everything up and sold off all of my abdl items and never wore a diaper again until recently. I had fenengled up a makeshift one while my partner was at work, the whole time I abstained I did still think about them and had dreams about them. I know before I was using wearing diapers as an escape from my responsibilities and I understand thats what my partner was trying to get at with it. Im at the point now that its something that I still want to do from time to time but I dont know how to convey this to him without him thinking that I want to go back to the way things were before.ive kind of hinted at it before but it was all mostly largely ignored.also ive given up my ab side it was a psychological hinder in a sense on me and was feeding into the running away from problems things.

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    Do you know what his specific problem with it is? I know my girlfriend was accepting at first, but got quickly uncomfortable. But now that we've discussed things, I'm back to wearing. Apparently, she was worried about (1) hygiene (i did let the bags get pretty full at our apartment; now I have a small, specific trash can I take out when it gets full, less stairs and less to carry) (2) not being able to reconcile the habit, only made worse by the fact she knows my previous two girlfriends also enjoyed it. But after some time of not wearing and then talking about it (about the time she became open about her fetishes), everything was fine again :3

    Anyway, point being, try to figure out why he has a problem with it and reassure him. Or if youve tried that and it hasnt worked, explain that its really important to you and you'd really like to continue and that you can keep it away from him as much as possible

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    Well I know he had past experience with roomates who were babyfurs and he got really soured from the situation and just didn't want to deal with that anymore. Im honestly really not sure if he would even go for anything like this now

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    You might consider whether this is the right relationship for you. Having such a divider can lead to long term misery. I speak from experience.

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    Im just really at an impass on it because we are fine most of the time but he just wont let me do that and I dont understand why now, I know I was using it the wrong way before but its something I genuinely enjoy doing. I used to feel shame before when I wore but im completely over it now and my mental status has gotten better so that I can delve into such things again.

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