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Thread: Hey I have a odd thing about me do you to?

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    Question Hey I have a odd thing about me do you to?

    I have this odd thing about me that i cannot go undiapeed or I feel need to go a lot in day. For all my life i just cant stop thinking need to go any number and i don't i used to spend 30 minutes in bathroom unsuccessful. I still do but when I am padded I oddly go less its odd how padding actually helps out oddly. Its that when i feel need go all day i start worrying i need go but if get stressed the worry is worse. Once the worry is worse i actually swear need go cause i start feeling like its emergency but i don't even need go. Its odd like my brain is wired to be padded. Does anyone else have same issue if so how is it and what may you know about it.

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    I've noticed that if I have a small urge to pee, and pad up, that urge goes away. I always thought it was a bit backward, but maybe that's just my body's way of saying "pretty soon here you're going to need to.... oh... nevermind."

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    "pretty soon here you're going to need to.... oh... nevermind."

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    I had this problem all my life its odd. But i found only way to deal with it. I do also have four disorder but prescription meds gave me a normal life with my ADHD, ADD, Autism and Special needs.

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    I've had bladder anxiety since I pissed myself in middle school. Being padded def helps, I know if/when I go I dont have to worry about where

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