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Thread: New KLU KLUX KLAN?

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    Default New KLU KLUX KLAN?

    Okay this has got to be the funniest thing I have ever heard.

    Thought it was a joke , but it turns out to be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoo View Post
    What is it? It's not working.
    A branch of the KLU KLUX KLAN has decided to allow gay, African American and other races to join their ranks

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    Lol that's rediculas. Nice to see even hate groups can learn tolerance to a degree. I'll look it up.

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    There is literally no united KKK group anymore. Hasn't been for many years now.

    There are a bunch of splinter groups who claim to be the "real" KKK and many of them actually despise each other.

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    Sigh. This seems to be an increasingly common trick that "hate groups" are using as a shallow attempt to garner political acceptance. Someone can join a racist group and claim, "Hey! We're not racist! We welcome people of all ethnicities." That pretty much begs the question, "Well, what do you actually believe, then?!", which means that the racists get free air-time and publicity to discuss the thinly-veiled nuances of their racism.

    It demonstrates how unsustainable discrimination has become in our societies. Hate groups like the KKK are no longer taken seriously at even the very fringes of mainstream society. These cheap publicity stunts are the death throes of anachronistic bullies with no place in the modern world.

    The British National Party (BNP) voted to allow non-whites to join in 2010, as it looked like they could be prosecuted under "equality" laws. Clearly, party members weren't happy that they were forced to change their policy. But they spun it to sound like they were never racist in the first place!!!

    Asked whether the BNP was no longer racist, Darby said: "Let's put it like this: if, as a result of this, a court rules that we are now a bona fide party, that's a great stamp of approval. If anyone says we are racist, we can say 'no we're not, it's been proved in court'."

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh! And I forgot to mention that the BNP even managed to get a Sikh to join there ranks. Somehow, it seems, he was oblivious to the racism directed towards his ethnicity/culture, because he was just so happy to be part of something that hated Islam as much as he did... Or something like that.

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    There is an active KKK in a town by Arcata called McKinlyville. Up here in in northern California some people act as if they have never seen the face of anyone outside of their race and some go as far as verbalizing their hate. They may not be an united KKK but racist/ignorant people exist whether or not they are apart of a group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    Ha ha! Very funny!

    I never thought I'd find someone wearing a KKK pointy-hat-suit funny... (and I can't *quite* work out whether it's a wind-up), but this debate between a presenter, a university lecturer, and a guy wearing a KKK suit to make some kind of (completely unexplained) political point about "National Hoodie Day" is just jaw-droppingly funny. It's definitely worth seeing it till the end!

    This guy is a politician, by the way!!! (But it is his birthday, so... yeah...)

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    Good laugh, while it lasted.

    Also good viewing is the one of their secret history. They are nothing more than a decentralized control structured, bigoted paramilitary mob's hell bent on trying to reinvent themselves by shedding their ugly history. By another name, Terrorists.

    Still it is good to note they still have some standards, us children of a lesser god are still not welcome, suppose I'll just have to give up my Catholicism.

    Unlike an above poster, I don't believe their demise is even in the distant future, they will survive in some shape or form, worse luck.

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