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    I have not been on in a while and I hope you guys did not miss me too much. I was looking to see if I could let go of my desire for babying myself. At first I was able to but now it feels like I am going through withdraw.

    I still have everything except for the teen diapers and the onesie that is torn. I will have to sew several new ones. My onesie is in a pile of scrap fabric.

    Even though it wont be difficult to make AB pj's I am trying to figure out how to regress. I never went a hundred percent with a blanket on the ground and did anything with toys but a big part of me wants to. Funny part is I am not sure I know how to.

    I had imaginary friends since high school due to being under a lot of stress. They feel normal to me now. Other than them and my plush I am trying to figure out how to regress.

    Any tips? please don't give me a hard time about my imaginary realm. That part of me is special to my self image.

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    My short answer, MLPPebble...

    You are going to likely need to find balance... The interesting, and perhaps counter-intuitive part is... letting go (not forcing out, or repressing), is going to bring you the freedom to find your more balanced, and natural perspectives...

    Don't attempt to force the issue... let what is... be what is... now...

    I'm sure their will be others with more experience in regressing... that may be of more help to you...

    Hope and peace to you,

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    [...] I am trying to figure out how to regress.

    Any tips? [...]

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    I have a hard time regressing if I'm feeling too self conscious about it. At first I had to wait for when I had the house to myself before I felt free enough to let go. It's easier now, but I still tend to hold back if I have to avoid discovery.

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    From everyone that I've ever seen discuss this, it doesn't seem possible to get rid of ABDL desires. You can ignore them for a while, but the desires don't go away.

    Marka already hit the main point: don't force things.

    Just do what makes you happy and with enough moderation that you keep the rest of your life going. See friends and family, enjoy some alone time, do work, take breaks. If you see a toy you really want, but it. If you really feel like dressing up or playing on the floor, do so. You could try it if you're curious, but if it doesn't feel right, you don't have to.

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    The first time I REALLY got into it was when I was just watching Barney on the couch with a sippy cup. I started singing a long and it just happened.

    My suggestion would be to just try different things until you find what makes it click for you.

    Also don't worry about the imaginary side. I've had an imaginary friend names Toby since I was a little girl. He's still with me and I'm not ashamed.

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    Thanks guys. You hit the nail on the head. I still have to find my little side part of my realm but I know now not to force things.

    I am now trying to figure out if I should stick with being a diaper lover but I think I may wait on that till I am comfortable with dressing in baby pink. My craft room is a mess and need to really focus on it before I begin agian in there. Oh and I really need to finish two important projects before I do any baby stuff and apparel.

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