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Thread: Good Cheap Plastic Backed Diapers?

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    Question Good Cheap Plastic Backed Diapers?

    The only cheap plastic backed diapers I know of are Tranquility. Are there any others? I think Depends may be plastic backed but I don't know for sure, can anyone please clarify?

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    The Depend Protection w/ tabs are still plastic-backed, IIRC. The rest are cloth-like.

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    What's your price range for "cheap"? The Tranquility ATN are the best plastic diaper I've used without getting up in price. Nothing else in that price range, that I'm aware of, have the leak guards and are as absorbent.

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    IMHO, ATNs can be rather expensive. Maybe you should check out the Tranquility brand's cousin, Select.

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    ATNs expensive? 12 pack medium for $8.69 with free shipping. If that's still expensive the Tranquility slim lines are 12 for $6.95. I don't think it gets much cheaper, especially for a plastic diaper.

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    TotalDry Plus Briefs are somewhat cheap. I wear these during the day time. sell them.

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    I actually feel that the Traquility Slimlines perform better and are better contracted than the ATN's. I have never been able to discern a performance difference between them. Although, I also think that the cloth backed versions are MUCH better than it's plastic backed brother or ATN's. They are my favorite cloth backed and cheap diaper.

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    you can't really have "good" and "cheap" at the same time.

    Cheapest available:
    case of 72 large are under $40. they've been out of stock there for awhile.
    those were formerly branded "Assure" but are now called "Breeyo"

    A little googling finds them available elsewhere.
    $33 for a case of 72, plus shipping I assume

    summary: 100% pulp, medium thickness, no leak guards, soft/smooth unmarked shell, no indicator, four one-shot tapes, shell tears esaily if taped too tight
    shell color is blue for large, white for medium

    They're good for one large wetting at best, and clump very quickly wet or dry. they're cheap, but are worth what you pay for.
    one really good use for them is as covers. if you can get ahold of decent diapers but they're clothlike or you don't like how they look or
    are marked, cover with a cheap breeyo. Not so much to increase capacity, but to greatly improve look/feel.

    (if you have dribble IC, they'd actually be a really good deal)

    Also fwiw, ATN aren't really all that cheap.

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    Sorry for any confusion, by cheap I meant inexpensive. And by that I mean $15 or less for a bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvtowearpampers View Post
    Sorry for any confusion, by cheap I meant inexpensive. And by that I mean $15 or less for a bag.
    at $33 for a case of 72, that's $11 per bag of 24. You really can't beat that.

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