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Thread: Adults Trying To Squeeze Into Baby Diapers

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    Default Adults Trying To Squeeze Into Baby Diapers

    I think one of saddest things I've seen are full grown adults trying to squeeze into baby diapers. I saw on some posts where people said that they have a 32" waist and can get into a size 6 baby diaper. Not toddler or baby I know has a waist that big. I know diapers are stretchy and have give, but come on now. Why try to squeeze into a baby diaper when they make adult diapers that will actually fit? There's also the issue of absorbance. The quantity of waste matter coming out of an adult is much larger than what comes out of a baby. Can't imagine a baby diaper would hold that. I know some people wear baby diapers because it makes them feel more babyish due to maybe the designs on the diapers. But there's adult diapers out there that have babyish designs too. And if you have particular design you like, you can have printed on diaper tape. So I am really seeing the reasoning for a full grown adult putting on a baby diaper.

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    I primarily agree, though I would say that one other benefit of baby diapers is that they're less expensive - in the same way that baby clothes are cheaper than AB ones; they're mass produced and they're smaller. There's no way I could fit into a baby diaper comfortably though (33" waist), even the most generous sizes.

    However, if you're a 24/7 (or very regular) wearer, and are slim enough to squeeze into baby diapers, it's understandable if you'd rather wear something a bit tighter and cutely designed, instead of shelling out for something more expensive and then having to add tapes or stickers to it, to make it more babyish (extra cost and effort!).

    However, if you're IC, then chances are you're not wearing diapers primarily for fun or Littleness, and so comfort and practicality are the important factors - making adult diapers a far better choice.
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    In all honesty, I think most of us who are incontinent actually avoid this sort of situation. Trying to squeeze into a baby diaper wouldn't be anywhere near worthwhile--they are meant for infants and toddlers with much smaller urine/fecal output than adults. This goes along with the same reasoning as to why those of us who deal with full urinary and/or bowel incontinence avoid products like Depends. They don't hold much, needing changed so often that it is more expensive to use them over premium diapers.

    I would think that those who try to squeeze into baby diapers are more into trying to 're-capture' being an infant instead of trying to deal with a legitimate medical issue.

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    You can also super impose the baby diaper images on to adult diapers. Im not sure what the time/effort and cost are.

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    I think it's hypocritical to say that it's okay to wear diapers you don't need and act like (or let your inner child out) a baby but only if the diapers fit right. We all have our particular preferences and if someone satisfies that with a baby diaper, more power to them.

    My only problem is when we get new folks asking about what to buy and the question of baby diapers arises. Inevitability, someone will speak up that they wear baby diaper X and it fits perfectly. "Fit" is the wildly subjective notion here and what suits someone who is bound and determined to wear a baby diaper isn't going to satisfy someone who wants a diaper that fits as if it was made for them. All I would ask is that little asterisk or caveat applied when talking about diapers and my problems with adults and baby diapers vanish. Wear what makes you feel right.

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    To you Trevor it is hypocritical. Doesn't make it the truth. All of us that are trying recreate that infant like atmosphere don't necessarily want to squeeze into baby diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklesTheBunny View Post
    To you Trevor it is hypocritical. Doesn't make it the truth. All of us that are trying recreate that infant like atmosphere don't necessarily want to squeeze into baby diapers.
    What's the truth here? It's all preference. No one is making you wear a baby diaper you don't want. I just think we can accept the differences in our own community and be okay with those who like baby diapers. That acceptance does not include having to wear them.

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    Hey, I like baby diapers. They're super cheap and hold a lot even if the fit is less-than-desirable. They're also adorable. Why would you ever get mad at someone for liking something that you don't? You're on a site about people who like to wear diapers and pee themselves. You don't have to go on about how you're better than other people and we are all sad because we like something you don't. We are supposed to be a community, not a group of people complaining about how their diaper wearing is better than this other person's diaper wearing.
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    It depends on which level of incontinence you have and your morphology.

    I don't say I would choose baby diapers, but diapers for toddlers surprisingly still fit me, like the Huggies Pull-ups, although I almost never wear them.
    But I can wear the S/M size Goodnites without any problem, but prefer the L/XL size.

    I must admit I don't like the design of most adult diapers (there is more choice for women though), and tend to prefer to choose diapers not for my age, like Goodnites (they are not for babies though).

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    KatelynG, not once did I really say that I was better than anyone else. So please don't put words into my mouth.

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