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Thread: Diaper stuffer...advice?

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    Default Diaper stuffer...advice?

    Today, I decided to try diaper stuffing. There are aspects of it I love, but there are also things that didn't turn out quite as maybe I need some advice! Here's what I did: I put on a girls Goodnite after cutting some small slits in it. I then taped on a Tena Slip Maxi (my favorite diaper!) over top of it. I immediately loved the feeling of it. It gave me the look, feel, and protection of a Tena Slip Maxi on the outside, yet it made it more than twice as thick! Upon my first wetting, hardly any of the pee made it into the Tena Slip Maxi. Here's the problem: after that first wetting, any more wettings spilled over the edge of the Goodnite and onto the very edge of the Tena. Easily beyond the Tena's leak guards in some places, which could cause some problems. Also, after removing I noticed that the Goodnite had deposited sizable amounts of SAP into the Tena.

    So here are my questions. Did I just use the wrong stuffer? Would regular baby diapers work better? Did I not make the slits large enough? What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd say stuffing is more an art than a science. It can really extend the capacity of what you're wearing or it can defeat leak guards and cause leaks well before the diaper would have leaked if you hadn't done anything. I don't have a big drive for thickness on my own, so my experience is more when I'm diapering my little one, who does like them thick. Be careful of the placement and make cuts/holes adequate for drainage.

    I've never used a Goodnite for that purpose, so I can't speak to their specific pros and cons. It sounds like you might have had a problem of placement or shifting while wearing. Perhaps the fact that you were wearing it rather than letting it rest against the diaper itself created additional problems. You'll probably have to experiment a bit to see what works best.

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    Sounds like you didn't cut enough slits. Also the inner diaper should be low to no sap so it wicks quickly to the other side and to the front/back and releases easily into the outer diaper.

    The leak guards aren't very effective on the outer diaper, but you need to have the legs taped fairly well on the inner diaper. It will keep pee from running out and down your legs, and will be emptying out the slits into the middle of the outer diaper, so leak guards there aren't so important.

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    However, if you're looking for real stuffers and not baby diapers ... I'd check out the Abri-Lets or Anatomics. Someone who's done both would be able to weigh in whether one is better than the other. The Abri-Lets are surely more bulky, but I'm sure using Pampers would be more fulfilling for ABs.

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    I used to do that sort of thing, but decided it wasn't as worth the headache anymore, now I just use the Abri-Let Maxi or Normals.

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    I've used actual boosters before. Mostly Bambinos boosters. I just thought using something different might be fun!

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    Yeah, Ive also found proper boosters to be the most absorbent without interfering with the leg guards, but have used a pullup to layer with as well. I found the best trick is to make many small perforations in the cover of the pullup. With a hobby knife or exacto knife, maybe 25-30 1/2" cuts keeps the fill from spilling out, acting more like a screen than a hole.

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    I seldom use boosters, but my favorite is Bambino Quadro for two reasons: they're scented and they hold a lot! With that being said, for some reason I had an urge to use a baby diaper of some sort as a booster. I don't identify as an AB, but I do occasionally try a baby diaper just for fun and experimentation. Call it my DL curiosity to try different types of diapers! Maybe next time I'll use an actual baby diaper as a stuffer instead of a Goodnite or pull-up!

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