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Thread: Robin Hood on NES

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    I popped in my old Robin Hood game and was well, shocked at how hard it is.

    I actually remember beating this game as a kid, on my Nintendo. It's a great game overall in a sea of BAD Nintendo games. Even more surprising, it's a Nintendo game based on a movie. Somehow, they did it. They didn't ruin it.

    So, you play as Robin Hood naturally, and start out in prison where you need to break out using a conveniently places sword (which the guards simply left laying around and not to mention did not bother to restrain Robin Hood whatsoever therefore allowing him to simply pick up the sword and wield it.)

    The game has a character inventory system, an experience system like an RPG, yet uses an action based battle system like Zelda.
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    I only have two major complaints about the game.

    The first is the fact that you can't save your game. It's an RPG game with EXP and levels, yet you can't save your game.


    So the game has no battery backup. Okay, well, then they usually would implement a password system to continue. Well... they did...


    It's a generic password for parts of the game. And it's not GIVEN to you. No, you had to have a Nintendo Power to get the passwords.

    You hit A and B eight times on the Title screen, enter a password that starts you off on that part of the game, often with less items and levels than you would normally have had. Okay, it's better than nothing... but come on... It would make more sense if the game at least GAVE you the passwords at some point when you reach certain areas. But no. You need the power.


    My second complaint is simply this. The fact that they made a fairly graphical game in which you can't move behind certain things that are clearly in the foreground.
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    The red arrow represents the only area you can enter the castle.


    You cannot walk behind the obvious castle walls WHATSOEVER.

    Yet, you can walk behind plenty of trees and other objects no problem.

    WHAT!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!

    I am preparing a full video review of this game soon!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    This is intended as a Lite Review, which means I don't have to worry about extra costumes and effects. It's just a raw relaxed review. Can I do better or more? Yes! This acknowledges this. I can do more. If I had money for a Robin hood costume etc.
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    Wow, I remember this game. It's been a long time, but I remember it.

    I remember it being one of the better games based on/licensed from a movie. Movie games usually are awful.

    I remember that it actually followed the plot of the movie very faithfully, almost down to the scene, and even expanded on it with a lot of extra quests (I vaguely remember one about killing a wild boar that was terrorizing the countryside). It was basically a computer RPG based on Robin Hood and using the Prince of Thieves movie.

    Didn't remember the silliness with the angles and projection though. I look forward to your full review.

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