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    Hi All,

    Ive had a bit of a cloth bender. I'd say about 2 weeks worth of nightly wearing. Tonight I put on a disposable, a Northshore Care I believe. It''s like wearing butter. I guess it pays to change things up once in awhile. Anyone else get that sp3cial feeling when changing types of diaper? I love my wife's home made, but this is really nice.

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    I think I can relate. I spent a while wearing disposables because I didn't think it would be possible to wear cloth, after I figured out how to make cloth work for me, I spent a lot of time in cloth and sometimes cheap disposables. It has reached a point though where I just really want a high quality disposable, so I bought a case of 247's.

    It was really amazing to switch to cloth, and I love them, but i'm excited to put on a quality disposable again for a little bit. I still like cloth the most, but changing it up at will, will be very nice.

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    Once in awhile it's good to do something different. I actually just did something similar. Awhile back, Mr. Aurkarm received a case of Abenas that had all suffered severe manufacturing errors that rendered them unwearable (the top sheet and bottom sheet didn't line up, so the tapes weren't really attached to the diaper, and the leak guard ran right down the middle of the diaper). I found them in the garage the other day, and once he told me why they were there, I grabbed out two of them, sliced them all up, then put each of them on with a Dry 24/7 over those. I did that shortly after I got home from work, and I didn't really need to revisit it until the next morning when I was getting ready for work.

    It had been a long time since I layered up disposables like that, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it! I wound up doing it again the next night as sort of a birthday gift to myself, too.

    So yeah, change it up once in awhile!

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