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Thread: Tattoos and diapers

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    Default Tattoos and diapers

    So, I've got a lot of tattoos. Some people ask me "Is it harder to feel little when you've got so many tattoos?" Honestly... not at all! I think it's mainly because both my parents have tattoos and my uncle has a tattoo shop. I remember going in and sitting on my dads lap (probably still in diapers) while he got a new tattoo. As I've grown up around tattoos, it actually helps me feel little.

    So I ask you... Do you have tattoos? And how does it affect your little time?

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    Honestly I don't have any tattoos myself, but thats because I can't actually get one (I have scaring skin issues) but I've always loved tattoos and the self expression they bring. When it comes to tattoos and feeling little I don't think it really matters, because feeling and being little is a personal thing and as long as your comfortable with it thats all that matters.

    I'm curious if anyone has any "little" tattoos? Like something relating to their childhood or something that is apart of their little side.

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    I don't have any tattoos, and I don't plan on getting any (although I really appreciate a person with a good tattoo, and I totally respect it when people want/get one).

    It probably would affect my little side if I had a tattoo. Having facial hair definitely does. So it obviously just works differently for different people

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    I do have a star on my arm and I have plans for more. I actually forget that I have it a lot but I've had it for 14 years.

    Holy crap.... It been 14 years since I was 15...... Holy crap....

    Anywho back on topic, no it doesn't effect me at all.

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    I don't have any and don't want any for myself, but I'm not bothered by them on other people. Some of them look pretty cool.

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    I don't see it as an issue. I don't have tattoos myself, but I imagine they're just one more way in which I wouldn't look like an actual little, just like having big hands or hairy legs. I've had a beard for the last 3 or 4 years, and it doesn't stop me feeling little, either. I think littleness is about what's inside our heads, not what our bodies look like, and if an AB/Little I knew had a tattoo, I doubt I'd give the matter more than a second's thought.
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    A couple of years ago I wanted to get a tattoo - two shotgun shells on my upper arm. But then I realized that age would turn them into two tired bananas so I dropped the idea. But I love tattoos and dont think that it would spoil anything.

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    I have a pirate ship mural on my back that I add two twice a year. Once on my birthday and once on the second week of the new year. The additions are small. A shark, A mermaid (well, and evil siren haha), some initials of loved and lost ones. On this next visit in a couple months, I'll get "ABDL" tattooed somewhere on the ship. Low-key of course, but just something that I would only know what it means.

    I think because it's on my back, I don't notice it very much so it doesn't affect my little-ness! ^__^


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    I have a small tattoo on my waist:

    If anything it enhances my cubby feelings since it's positioned closely to my "diaper area". I've been complimented on it numerous times while being changed which is always nice!

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    my wife an i both have a bunch of ink...i am at least 50% covered. i dont see how having ink effects being ab/dl personally, unless your wearing while getting ink(which i have done)

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