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Thread: Belt around diaper to stop sagging

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    Default Belt around diaper to stop sagging

    I was putting an already worn diaper (not used) to satisfy urge. When I grabbed it, I noticed the strap holding my sleeping bag together. It's like those D-ring belts. I put the diaper on, pulled it up high and put the belt around it.

    I shoveled my ice rink and hosed it down which was a lot of walking. My diaper did not sag! I was wearing sweat pants with nothing over the diaper too.

    Is this a known technique? I feel like this is a breakthrough for me.

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    Makes sense. I tend to wear onesies most of the time I'm diapered outside of home, they tend to keep them from sagging pretty well as well. I guess since every diaper manufacturer is trying to go cloth backed, this and other anti-sagging techniques might be needed in the future.

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