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Thread: Bad experience with Air + Abenas

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    Default Bad experience with Air + Abenas

    I bought a bag of Abri-Form X-Plus Air-Plus diapers a few weeks ago. I thought that they would be good for wearing in public since they don't have a plastic backing and won't crinkle (I wear baggy cloths so their bulk isn't an issue).

    I got the diapers and as expected they were pretty much noiseless. They could also hold a huge amount (just like the normal X-plus) but after the third wetting I started to feel a little wet between the legs I checked and the backing on the diaper was actually leaking a very small amount of pee!

    This only happened when it had absorbed more than three wettings and had pressure on it, now this isn't a problem unless you plan to sit down in a wet diaper. I've never had a cloth-like diaper leak through the cover before even with the generic store bands. Has anyone else had this problem or did I just get a bad bag of diapers?

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    I've had the same thing with other cloth-like cover diapers. Once they get wet enough, you can start to feel the moisture coming through. Though the only cloth-like cover diapers I have right now are Naps.

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    Abri-Form X-Plus Air-Plus diapers - I think it is breathable diaper !

    I tried some breathable diapers and had the same experience as yours. Since there are many small holes on the breathable cover of the diaper, the mositure or even small drops of pee can come out through these holes under presure; as a result, the wet diaper makes the pants wet although the diaper does not leak as usual !

    Breathable diaper is more comfortable when wearing in hot weather; however, we have to change it after 2 full pee.

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    I have used Tena with the cloth backing, and have found that the wetness tends to wick around the edge of the inner plastic lining.
    Since the plastic doesn't go all the way to the edge, when the cloth backed diapers get wet they leak way more and earlier than plastic backed ones.
    The're really great in hot weather though.

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    When it's heavily saturated, sure, 'breathable' covers can do this. But I have no complaints about the abri air+ briefs. Except maybe they start smelling sooner and more heavily than the plastic backed ones, when changed.

    For what it's worth, one day I held it in 'til I was near bursting, put one of these on, and just flooded it. I watched myself the diaper in the mirror, as I was curious what the 'wetness indicator' looked like on the breathable ones. I noticed the... uh... shall we say, 'dampness' go every which way, except out. When I was done, and felt like I was standing in a puddle, I went and sat down and..... nothing happened....

    So these definitely get the job done. Also, if you wet a normal plastic diaper enough, it too will leak. These just leak from little air holes, and not through the leg gatherers, like on those.

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    I had this problem when I used them. They seem to have very small (pin-sized) holes in them that start to wick wetness. I also thought they seemed to get soggy when wet and would squish a little too much for comfort. My main problem with them was not the leakage, which only occured from time to time and only if very wet, but with the smell, when wearing and when in the trash. Air gets in, air gets out. I found that these smelled much more noticeably than plastic-backed diapers when wet and that the trash had to be emptied daily.

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    I think i must be weird or something but when i had the regular abenas ive had some through the plastic leakage....

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    I dont really like the air abenas. The pee always seeps through the cloth layer. I wouldnt really mind it if was at home wearing them, but the cloth outer layer was meant to be worn out in public. I have stopped wearing them in public and started wearing tranquility Slimlines. Their thin and kind of quiet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbdl58860 View Post
    I think i must be weird or something but when i had the regular abenas ive had some through the plastic leakage....
    So have I, but only when they are completley soaked. The Air Plus leaked a little affter the second wetting.

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    I hate the new look of abena. All the talk about it is breathable... I think they have made the diaper extremly bad. First of all then it is breathable it gets very fast cold when wet and imagine all the incontinent people out when it's cold. Second, the air inside the diaper may be a little bit wet, and when it is breathable your cloth does not get wet but you can feel it is an other feeling than if you have had a diaper on with a plastic backside. When I'm out with the new abena diaper I have to change right away it I become wet because it hurts on my skin when it's frost.

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