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Thread: Wearing to work. Tips?

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    Default Wearing to work. Tips?

    I have been a long time DL but have recently started wearing diapers to work. Normally I will wear it until it is wet and then on my lunch take it off and throw it away in the bathroom. I work retail so there is not much privacy or places to keep my belongings.
    My question is does anyone have any tips or ideas on how I could change into a new diaper at work and be the least noticeable?

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    Is there a handicapped stall in the restroom that you can use? If so, change in there. You should have more room to do so and it'll probably be less noticible.
    If your diaper has a noticeable crinkle, you may want to wear your underwear pulled over it to dampen the noise. It also keeps the diaper from sagging when it's wet. Plus if your shirt rides up, people will just see your underwear instead.

    That's the best advice I could give you that I thought of. Do remember, though: unless you make it obvious, nobody cares about what kind of underwear you're wearing.

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    Thanks for the advice. I currently wear underwear over the pull-up but I need a way to get a new diaper into restroom with me. I agree no one notices unless it is blatantly obvious.

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    Places to put 'em, huh? Well, let's see...

    If you have a winter coat with deep pockets, you can store them there. This, of course, only works during the colder months, since people would raise eyebrows if you brought in a heavy coat when it's 90-something degrees out.
    Another idea is to store them in a fabric sack buried UNDERNEATH several other items that would be logically there (such as books), but sadly I do not know what you should put in there since I have no idea what your specific job is. You should also have an item or two that would make sense taking to the bathroom (e.g. a toothbrush). If this is done correctly, everyone who sees your bag will pass it off as uninteresting and therefore won't bother to see what's underneath.

    However, no matter how well you hide your diapers, there is always a risk of getting caught by coworkers. Always be prepared to give a good explanation.

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    The best situation would of course be able to go home for lunch, and change then.

    Second would simply be to avoid using or hold off until close to quitting time.

    I personally have only had to change once while at work, as I was a bit stupid about how much I was drinking and realized I was about 10 seconds from leaking. I bring a spare in the top hidden lid in my lunchbag, had to change. Fortunately, there we had a single person employees bathroom in the back.

    NOW at the new job, most of the restrooms are big public ones - 4 stalls and 6 urinals typical. I have NO desire to try to change in one of them.

    After careful scouting of campus, I fould a pair of large single bathrooms in one of the buildings. I go there if I have to go during work. The room is narrow but easily big enough to change if I need to, and privacy is good. (door locks etc) I was majorly stressing until I found those.

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