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Thread: How do you get rid of used diapers?

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    Default How do you get rid of used diapers?

    Because I still live with my parents, I use diapers only when I can dispose them as soon as possible. This means that my trash bin (in my room) must be quite full so I can add a diaper in it and throw the whole thing into the outside garbage can. This is why I can't wear that often. It would be so much easier if I could just throw away my diapers without anyone knowing and whenever I want. Not caring whether someone sees them in the trash. How do you dispose your used diapers?

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    My used diapers go in plastic shopping bags under the bag in my little bathroom trash can. Then when that's fairly full, and there's room in the main garbage can in the kitchen, I put them with the rest of the bathroom trash, tie up the bag, and put a couple more bags over it, before depositing it in the kitchen trash.

    Do you go to school, work, or any other place on a regular basis with a public trash can? If you're by yourself, you could try bagging your diapers and sticking them in a backpack or something, then throwing them out there.

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    I have a nightstand with a cupboard built into it. My parents do respect my privacy (mostly), so I'm not worried with hiding them in there. When I get an opportunity to bury them in the main trash, then out they go.

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    I'm on my own, so they just go in the trash and I take the trash down to the dumpster when it's full. When I had something to throw away living at home, I realized before long that it wasn't necessarily a good idea to toss them in our trash. The weight and potential odor wasn't a good thing to have around and I observed completely innocent and unrelated reasons that someone might dig through the trash, so public trash cans were better. Bag it up, put it in a backpack and toss it while you're out.

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    Back before my wife found out about my diapers, I would bag my used disposables, toss them in my car, and drop them in the parking lot garbage can at work. Since being discovered, I still bag them separately, but I put them into the house garbage can. My wife doesn't care for the diaper habit, but I figure I'm making a reasonable effort to keep things tidy and private, which is what she'd asked for. And the likelihood of anybody besides my wife digging through that can are close enough to zero that I just don't worry about it.

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    I usually grab an extra garbage bag that I use just for diapers and throw that out when I'm done. Since you're living with your parents it might be a good idea to put that bag under another one.

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    let soo. so first the ones i use go into 3 layered plastic bins i use when moving things. and they stay there tell it is trash day or a day tell. and then i take them and layer them in 3 trash bags so they do not smell and you can not see them and then when no one is around they o into the main trash.

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    Mine go into the diaper genie. About once a week I take the "diaper sausage" out and dispose of it in the trash.

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    Mine go to the dumpster daily. The bldg. people come by daily and pick up my trash.

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    I burn my disposables and put my cloth in a 5 gallon bucket in the bathroom until I can wash a load.

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