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    Question UK ordering online

    I need some tips mainly with delivery for ordering online. I've ordered online once before from incontinence choice and managed to get it delivered because my mother went away for a long weekend.

    I've heard of poste restante but i'm not sure if i can use it for large packages.

    I am thinking of ordering from saveexpress but i am unsure if i can get that ordered via poste restante as it is from abroad and from a courier instead of the post office.

    Also if i order adult diapers from germany and maybe a couple of pacifiers would i have to pay import tax and how would i pay that tax if it is poste restante?

    Thanks for any advice in advance.

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    Hi there why not try The incontinence shop. They do mail order and send in plain packaging , they have a good selection of nappies,pull-ups and also sell plastic pants.
    I am lucky I don't live far away (20 mins) so go and visit the shop. By the way they are based in Bolton Lancs.

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    Not sure about getting large packages delivered to a pickup center but you will not have to pay any import tax as Germany is part of the EU.

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    I don't think you would have to pay import tax from germany because we are both in Europe. (one of the few good things about UK being in the EU atm) but don't hold that to me.
    I know there are some collection point things like an Amazon Locker, and another service; the name of which I have forgotten, where you can have your parcels delivered to for you to collect when you can.

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