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Thread: Toddler jeans in adult size

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    Default Toddler jeans in adult size

    Has anyone noticed the cute jeans available for toddlers with the elastic waistband and sometimes elastic leg cuffs as well?
    Well I love that look and I've found you can get them in adult size although theyre not easy to find.

    Anyway more details to follow - gotta go now!

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    I wish my friend... Have'nt seen anything like that since I was a kid, Oh joy oh joy how awesome it would be though!

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    Well they are cut fuller for diapers i like to have a pair.:-)

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    This was my first experiment but I didn't like them very much (tight lower leg and cuffs too tall:

    this is what most adult elasticated jeans look like: (not good! strange colour and poor styling)

    this is more like it but expensive: (gorgeous bottom on these!)

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    At 250 UK pounds I would think one could pay a local seamstress to make whatever you want for a bunch less cash.

    I would like a pair with no fly or belt loops if I wanted the full toddler look.

    Have had custom work done for many things from bibs to sleepers. None were a/b aware and that has never been a problem.

    Show up in the same attire one would wear to the job. Be clear what one wants without going into the why. Pay cash and round the bill up.

    Have never had a bad experience doing this myself.

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    I found some in the mens section of rue 21 today. They had the elastic waistband and the elastic leg cuffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shran View Post
    I found some in the mens section of rue 21 today. They had the elastic waistband and the elastic leg cuffs.
    That sounds good. I'm trying to find them on their website, are they under boot, straight or skinny? link? thanks

    I've gone for these on ebay myself:

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    I actually found them in the rue 21 store front, so if you have one by your house you may be able to find them in store. The rue 21 by my house is not very large, so they may be in most of their stores, this is pure speculation on my part.

    I think they were straight cut, but I am not 100% sure since there was no sign by them telling me what they were.

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    I know that stores like Walmart and Kmart should have plus-size women's pants that are like jeans but with elastic waistbands and no zipper. I'm wearing a pair now that I got at a thrift store but were made by Just My Size, whose products can be found at Walmart. I'm not sure about smaller sizes though.

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    Did maternity wear get mixed up with bulky diapers ?
    Possible as the stretch panels in the front of maternity
    pants can cover bulky diapering. Not so much in the back
    but more than ample in the front.

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