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    Hello again everyone. Lately I've been feeling like an 8 year old Little but, I'm not sure what 8 year olds really do. Months ago I did buy a video game for my 3ds to play when I feel that age, and I colored for a little bit but, I really don't have much privacy to do anything else while I'm at home. So I was wondering, what do you guys do when you feel Little and have no one to really interact with? Also, does anyone have suggestions for what an 8 year old little can do by herself?

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    So I was wondering, what do you guys do when you feel Little and have no one to really interact with? : What I do is play some games, some funny friendly games on the internet that is usually meant for adult of course but I have played some kid games and some good fascion racing. Anyone at any age can play racing games because they are fun and cool looking with all the graphics. I also love to fly my toy planes all around my bedroom and sometimes in the living room. I have a mini airport setup in my room and my aircraft fleet consists of an A380, B-747, DC-10, and a DC-3. There are a few more but these are commercial jets. Any for my last trick, when I'm bored and nobody to talk to I just wind down to some video games because well...I am a gamer. I have all sorts of games and playing with CPU's is entertaining to me.

    Also, does anyone have suggestions for what an 8 year old little can do by herself? Alot of stuff! Color, draw, talk, build (like legos) eat, sleep, etc! Anything that a teen can do can be easily done by a kid and they can get away with it because it is cute. When you see a kid zooming all over the place with a plane is considered cute because you hear all the little noise you can make. Even if nobody is around, you find yourself cute and you feel like you actually ARE talking to another person either in the plane or in the ATC (Air Traffic Control Tower). Even playing in the water or making giggle faces is fun!

    Small stuff that anyone can have is drawing materials such as coloring, making, or drawing. Coloring, you can have a simple pen or pencil and make some google drawings. Coloring can be done like coloring some cool meteors, etc. Sometimes you could build lego's and have a little house maybe for dolls.

    If you are in the age where you think Littlest Pet Shop or My Little Pony is cool, well that is a great start because they are fun toys...or so I heard don't ask this brony ^^ toy figures or anything hands on that can make noise or looks safe can be considered fun in anyone's book! Also considered messy but playing in the water is fun! You could have boats in water or pretend your hand is a shark eating people. (Primarily in a bath tub or a sink)

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    *giggles* Okay, that makes sense. I like all those ideas. ^^ Also, your plane set sounds so cool! I have to eventually get some more coloring books though and a new box of crayons. But thank you for all of those suggestions!

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    Usually I have netflix and have the "Kids" Section to watch all day if I am alone I have a bottle with warm milk so I can just nap when I need to and cuddle my teddy too!

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    Okay I so wanted to reply sooner but I was at work and that was not possible,

    So I am also alone in my littleness an I play at about the same age (anywhere between 6-8)

    If you want to you can go into chat and there ate a few people who will play with you. One girl I know off named lulling sea baby's me even though I don't ask her to and it's super sweet and I adore her.

    As far as alone activities go I color, play with dolls. I'm a big fan of changing their outfits and doing their hair.

    I love taking bubble baths with bath toys and yes I do splash and no I don't care if I make a mess

    If you can or are willin to try I have found that playing board games by yourself can be rather fun. I kicked my own butt at monopoly today an it was a blast. I also like candy land, sorry and checkers.

    There are a TON of websites with colorin pages or game for kids, just pop in a paci and go to town. You can go a lot of them on cartoon or nickelodeon has a Jr's page with some cool blues clues games or older kid games too,

    Netflix is invaluable. I have a sippy cup and a little bowl with baby Elmo and big bird, found it for $1 at the dollar store and I fill it with animal crackers, cheeze it's or grapes... You know finger food, curl up under a blanket an watch something like jake and the never land pirates or goosebumps.

    I like going onto and browsing through the toy section and making wish lists. I may not be able to buy it but it puts me in little mode very easily and it is a lot of fun.

    I have also gone on and picked items that I would love to have in my playroom,

    Design a playroom, make a "little" wish list of things you would love to have.

    If you have a park with a playground in your area GO! Being a stuffed animal with you and have a great time.

    Read bedtime stories t yourself, there are a ton of cheap books on amazon. I just got a 400 page collection of disney stories with pictures for like 3$. You can find a lot of books for under 5$.

    There is a lot you can do as a little and if you ever want to play some two player games online send me a message in always up to play

    Also check your local dollar general if you have one but they usually have make your own bracelet kits and things like that if you're interested.

    Another thing I like to do, they have workbooks through amazon like school work books for second third and fourth grade. I like to do those from time to time (I was a dork I loved school) but they're cheap an it's kind of fun if you're a dork like me haha.

    Oh puzzles. Anything under 100 peice that you can do quick and have fun with. I have about 30 of them, they're usually 5$ and under but it's a great solo little activity.

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    Oooo, I like ALL those ideas. They all sound SO fun! Maybe I'll do that too. Thank you for your suggestions as well! ^^

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    Anytime. I'm on chat a lot if you ever want to have a play date. There are tons of 2 player games online for kids, of you find one you like let me know, I'm always game.

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    wat kinda 2 player games? O: i'll play

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    I was coloring now and then, but it seemed to get boring. So I graduated myself to a book I found at Toys R Us, called "Boy's Doodle Book". There is also a girls version. It has lots of pictures that are started and suggests to the child to finish them. At first it was rather intimidating, but when I got it going, it is fun. I like putting something that does not belong into it to be silly, like when I added Snoopy and the Red Baron to a page about alien invasion.

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    I can't really draw so I don't know about a doodling book, I guess it could be kinna fun though.

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