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    I am very excited because it is my birthday tomorrow and I get to get gifts as a little and as my regular age. I am hoping mommy got me footie pajamas.

    Do you guys buy both types of gifts for your birthdays? Does little you have a different birthday? How does little you celebrate if oh do celebrate?

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    I enjoy my birthday to the fullest. I buy myself multiple gifts. Little and big types of gifts. My birthday was two months ago, and I spent the entire day doing things for me. Sadly this year no one was there for me, but I enjoyed it in my own way. I went and got a great meal and then went to watch my favorite movie again. I do hope you enjoy your birthday.

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    This year for my birthday I basically did nothing. It's kinda weird getting used to basically no presents or celebration. I did somehow get a cheap bike from my entire extended family combined, but that was literally all I got (except a video game from a Twitch follower). Not quite the same as opening up a pile of presents. I'm not ungrateful for the bike - it was an awesome gift! It's just weird that I let my 21st birthday go past without any notice.

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    I still enjoy birthdays at my age. I celebrate it as a "Little".

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    My wife will often get me both an adult gift and a "little" gift. My birthday is in December, so it competes with Christmas and presents. I also will be directing our church's Christmas cantata, so that keeps me so busy that my birthday sometimes sneaks by with little notice. When you get to be my age, another birthday is a grim reminder.

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    I quite often buy myself Little things, but never really thought about incorporating it into my Birthday. I think it's partly because I consider my Birthday as an adult age, which is separate from the little age(s) I enjoy. However, I think I'm going to use my ADISC sign up date as my little birthday, and then do a half birthday for six months from my sign-up date. That way I'm not waiting all year for a decent excuse to buy a toy car garage!

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    Good idea SirNapsALot! It's now my birthday and I am very pleased with the gifts that mommy got me. I got two books and some snacks. One of the books is interactive its called "Press Here", we read it last night and this morning and it was so much fun! The other book is "Corduroy" and I haven't read that one yet but I have a feeling that after our Starbucks run I am going to read it and possibly watch cartoons while mommy cooks for me!

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    My last birthday I was given two My Little Pony beanie babies from my mom and a pair of really nice headphones. So yes, but it is not like my mom was specifically buying AB stuff for me, she just knows I like MLP and thought the toys were cute.

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    Nope i do nothing mostly. I'll have a nice drink (not to get drunk) if people want to do stuff i'll do something.

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    this year's birthday I bought myself two Lalaloopsy dolls.

    and really, "little" things are all I ever buy for myself anymore. for birthday, Christmas, whatever.

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