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Thread: Your question, your answer!

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    Question Your question, your answer!

    I think this is a regular question that may never get an answer but why are diapers so addicting? You hear millions of answer but several questions never really get answered as there is a new answer each day.

    "Because they just are a better feeling than regular pants"

    "Helps me regress"

    "Love the extra thickness"

    "Helps me feel little"

    "I am lazy to actually use the toilet"

    "Love the extra snug"

    and so on and so on...

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    Contrarily, I think we've proven that using the toilet is lazier than using a diaper. :P

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    Do you need a reason for diapers to be so addicting? They're just all around great!

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    I think the way to look at them is 'why are they not more addictive?'. Our genes don't carry enough information for us to be specific about forming attachments. So we form our turn-ons through learned impressions, and at the youngest of ages, before we get old and all judgmental. I'd be surprised if most people didn't have the funniest fetishes, we are all just too old and scared to admit it.

    Look at the FUN babies have, always laughing at the silly things their goofy parents do. I think some of want to regress and capture of bit of that joy.

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    I dunno what started it since I was barely out of diapers and was trying to wear them again, but what really seals the deal is it quells my bladder anxiety :3

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    I don't think they are "addicting" in the sense try them, get hooked, and you can't live without them. For those of us who have a diaper fetish of some form, be it AB or DL, the interest in diapers stem from something in our childhood that most can't put a finger on. Ultimately, diapers are comforting. However, we can live without them and function in our daily lives without them. I've had an interest in them for as long as I can remember, when I hit puberty, that interest turned sexual as the diapers became involved in masturbation. As I grew older, that continued, but has evolved to include a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Wearing makes me forget all my worries, think of simpler times, relax, sleep well, etc. I wouldn't say it's an addiction because I can go without it, it's just something that makes me happy.


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    Yeah, I agree Angusmac, they aren't an acquired addiction, but a distinct programming event of sorts, which becomes activated during pre-puberty. The brain does funny things.

    I've been a DL for as long as I think I can remember, but never really discussed it with anyone until this site, and then with my wife. Like I said, it's a reflexive turn-on from only one earlier 'training' event; Once being diapered at too old an age (7, maybe) in response to an 'accident'. From the age of 9 on,I was strongly attracted to the snug feeling of diapers, and would even fashion my own from towels and belts. Strangely, I didn't have my first orgasm until the age of 17. Even today, if the conditions are right, I will feel a rush of heat when someone mentions adult diapers or if I see them in a drugstore isle, a sort of heart pounding of compulsion to wear them.

    DL doesn't define me, but despite 49 years of trying to suppress it, the reflex is there, it's real, it's pervasive, it's episodic, and I think it's quite pleasurable. I look forward to occasionally exploring this with my sweatheart.

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    For me, they are great at combating mental stress, and depression.

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    I was thinking the same as Angusmac, that having a fetish will drive the desire in much the same way that any sexual preference and desire will drive one to participate in it. For whatever reason, a part of our psychological development was patterned to make associations, typically sexual associations with diapers and other things related to babies.

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