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Thread: Bedtime Routine

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    Talking Bedtime Routine

    Okay, I wondered what other ABs did as part of their Little bedtime routine. Obviously it's not always possible to be little at bedtime, but I thought a discussion would be fun about what our little routine is before night-night time (when we get the chance!), or, if you've not had the opportunity to try out a pre-sleep Little routine, what do you think you'd enjoy?

    Here's a fairly typical (chronological) example from when I get the chance - maybe a couple times a week:

    - Watch a few episodes of little shows like Woolly & Tig, Doc McStuffins, In the Night Garden.
    - Have a bath with one of my counting or animals bath books, plus bath squirters or toy boats!
    - Listen the Big Little Podcast, or else relaxing music, whilst I dry off and change into my pajamas.
    - Curl up in bed with a Touchy-Feely book, or any cute and relaxing board book...ones about teddies are especially fun!
    - Set my lullaby & glow Winnie the Pooh for 10 minutes, curl up with my plushies and Taggies.
    - Hopefully get to sleep. If not, maybe add another plushie to cuddle until I do, or pick up another board book.

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    Wow, after seeing yours I feel like I should be doing a lot more as a little. I don't really have much of a routine...

    -I put on my pajamas
    -grab my paci
    -cuddle up with larvitar
    -watch/listen to something on my laptop (bedtime stories, anime, sesame street/furchester hotel, etc.)
    -go to sleep

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    Umm, I don't get much time but I do this

    -Direct (toy) plane traffic to airports
    -Play games

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    Usually I watch an episode or two of my little pony or jake and the never land pirates, sometimes I take a bath with bath toys but if I don't need one I just get into my pjs and lay in bed with my stuffies and read a story or two then turn off the lights and go to sleep if I can.

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    I haven't had time to be little much recently. Back in high school, my routine was putting on a Goodnite and fuzzy pajamas, crawling under the covers, hugging my teddy bear, and watching My Little Pony until I was ready to sleep. In college, it was putting on my nightgown (and a Goodnite since I still hadn't ever gotten premium diapers), grabbing my plushies and pacifier, and curling up being cuddled by my SO (who played a caretaker role a tiny bit). Now my bedtime routine usually amounts to making sure my little/roommate is all ready for bed, cuddling him until he falls asleep, then shifting into a more comfortable position so I can also sleep.

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    Well I guess mine is pretty average.

    -Get undressed.
    -Grab Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle, or both. And cuddle them.
    - Watch youtube videos on my phone till I fall asleep.

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    I certainly make a production of mine.

    For starters, my bedtime routine starts pretty early. About 3 hours before I plan to go to bed. First I watch an hour of a television program, either Strawberry Shortcake, Sofia the First, or Lalaloopsy. Really important to shut off all the adult worries of the day, I make sure I engross myself with it. By the end of it, little Angel is all that's left and that's just how it should be.

    After that the bigger preparation starts, getting myself squeaky clean, brushing out my hair gently and lovingly as a princess deserves, brushing my teeth, and in general doing all the good girl stuff. Mommy being involved at this portion is important, but doesn't always happen unfortunately. Even though I'm going to bed I like to spray myself with a fruity glittery spray to go along with my sweet smelling lotions. It just makes me feel pretty, and feeling pretty at bedtime is still worth it.

    I try to finish this an hour before bedtime because all the parenting books say that a sweet little princess like myself needs an hour of "quiet time" before bed, nothing big happening, no TV, just relaxing with some quiet.. a nice little book, is important. I get myself comfy and relax.. letting myself get more and more sleepy. My favorite thing about this is when mommy wants to read me a story, but again.. sometimes I'm too shy to ask her to read. I'm 6 though, and an read.. I'm a big girl.

    After that it's bedtime. Of course I have some plushies and dollies with me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyTyrant View Post
    Wow, after seeing yours I feel like I should be doing a lot more as a little. I don't really have much of a routine...

    -I put on my pajamas
    -grab my paci
    -cuddle up with larvitar
    -watch/listen to something on my laptop (bedtime stories, anime, sesame street/furchester hotel, etc.)
    -go to sleep
    I wouldn't say you need to do more at all. It's just about doing what you have time to do, and what you want to do - and personally, I sometimes enjoy spending a chunk of my evening in Little space. Like I said though, it isn't a nightly routine for me, and depending on when I finish work and what else is happening in the evening, I'll quite often skip the little shows or have a quick bath. Lullabies with Pooh bear are a must though!

    Btw I only saw Furchester Hotel for the first time last week. It's ace!

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    Mine is simple...
    √night night baba (usually milk)
    √Bowwow and Teddy
    √some reading if need be
    √night night...zzzzzzz's

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