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Thread: In Praise of Bulky Diapers

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    I wear diapers for their utility. My primary concern is effectiveness, that is, the absence of leaks over time. On another thread, one about how it feels to be diapered, I noted that the bulk is part of the experience and see how it's a necessary part if the diapers are going to be used as intended.

    I simply do not see how an effective and secure diaper cannot be bulky. The need for bulk and the desire for discretion create a conflicted set of priorities for both the diaper user and the diaper makers. For me the choice is bulk over style.

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    I agree 100%, but you can have great protection and no tell-tale signs. First the diaper has to work well and bulk is very important. I wear Bambino's or ComfiCare with Gary plastic pants to work every day. After work, I am either in night-time pre-fold cloth or ComfiCare with plastic pants.

    The next important piece is wearing the right sized and type clothing. I have a close friend that knows me well, and I asked her she could tell that I was wearing. She didn’t believe me until I lifted my shirt and she saw my cloth pre-fold, pins, and plastic pants. She was pretty surprised.

    I ware semi-snug jeans and fairly snug fitted shirts (some expensive Tee type, and some standard shirts). I don’t tuck my shirt in, and the shirt tail ends a few inches below my belt line. I always dress well for work. I am 5-6 and take very good care of my self. Sorry, this not about me or my build so much as it is about how you dress. If you take the time to select your wardrobe, you can go undetected (fact).

    I love to shop a Nordstrom, and I have one lady (early 40’s) that waits on me. I have worked with her for about 5 months, and I told her I have an issue and wear pads (I never say diaper), and asked her to help pick out jeans and shirts that work for me. She has been very helpful and respectful. If anyone is `really` afraid to wear in public, you are wasting your time. Good protection with plastic pants and the right clothes work well (period).

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    Hey i dont ask people if it shows but i wear carpenter like jean a 36x34 since 38 is to huge they are big size and wore with soggy diapee lots and i never was caught or asked but i could use some tips to help. I made thread if interested under diapee talk.

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