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Thread: The Oatmeal Experience

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    Default The Oatmeal Experience

    After receiving my package of Bellissimos yesterday, I knew that there were two things I wanted to try out. The first was a complete Little session, filled with bottles, plushies, preschool TV shows and diapers. The second was something that I've wanted to try out for ages ever since I heard about how fantastic it is: putting oatmeal into my diapers.

    After how happy and satisfied I was with the performance of the Bellissimos during my Little session, I knew I just had to try the oatmeal thing at least once. See, I have a love-hate relationship with messy diapers. I love the way it feels to be in a messy diaper, but I hate the clean up and the smell.

    So, after preparing two sachets worth of oatmeal and having worn a Bellissimo for quite some time (2-and-a-half wettings)' I let it cool then dropped it all into the rear of my diaper. The feeling was instant.

    The oatmeal was still warm, but not warm enough to burn my butt. As it settled into place, I could immediately feel that loving feeling I get from a messy diaper. I eased myself down to sit in the oatmeal and feel it spread inside, and the fact that it was close to odourless made it all the more worthwhile.

    And what surprised me the most was that even the clean up wasn't that hard. Maybe it might have to do with the fact that I added a few extra drops of water to make it less sticky, but it came almost clean off of me when I changed out of it.

    Needless to say that, much like my Little time, the oatmeal thing is something I have to do sometime again in the future~

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    I might have to try this!

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    I really don't know what to say haha. Glad you found something that you like and that is actually beneficial to your skin. Maybe try to get some lavender, mint or other herbs and mix it together like an oatmeal bath for your butt :P If you're gonna have it on there for a while it couldn't hurt to experiment.

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    I've actually never tried oatmeal, but I have tried (overcooked) white rice! Same type of feeling, but rice is actually easier to clean off. Might not be quite as good for your skin but I'm sure it's not harmful!

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    I discovered oatmeal about 6 months ago. the first time it was a little on the warm side buy my oh my isn't it wonderful. I too have a love have relationship with messy diapers and the oatmeal is the next best thing. might have to try the overcooked rice suggestion too. I know that others have tried over ripe mushed bananas but that sounds a little stick to me.

    Glad that you enjoyed both your little time and the oatmeal! To everyone else, if you have not tried this yet, it is really worth it!


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    I agree, oatmeal it's probably the closest consistency you can have to the real stuff, not only that, you can keep it on for a long time and it's beneficial for the skin.

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    I've never actually tried oatmeal, but I have thought about it. Maybe someday I will.

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    I often eat oatmeal for lunch. How ironic that it eventually gets to the same place!

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    The oatmeal trick is great, just don't get the plain stuff mixed up with cinnamon or the brown sugar flavors. Smells amazing, leaves you feeling kinda sticky though.

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