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    At the advice of my mom I thought I would pick up my old sketches. I'm planning on using them in the future. I have designs for weapons, vehicle, building and the pieces of a story. It's been a few years since I last drawn anything so I thought I'd ask for some tips.

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    My advice is just draw anything you like..... Best to draw from your imagination of from actual objects rather than from other images....just better for skill development. Of course having a purpose for your art is a pretty good motivator.

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    My advice for getting back into art? Start off slow.

    Draw some doodles for about 20 minutes, then take a break. After a while, do another 20 minutes or so of doodling. Ideas can flow better when you're drawing rather than just thinking about what you want to draw.

    And probably the best piece of advise is the Three Ps: practice, practice, practice. If something doesn't look right the first time, don't fuss over it to try and make it look better. Start on a fresh area of the page to work on improvements.
    Keep trying and figure out the areas where you need to improve as you draw.

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    Repetition. If you are drawing an object try drawing it multiple times from different angles. There is nothing wrong with using references. Lots of people find it easier to use a reference item or picture when drawing an unfamiliar object.

    Also, if you are having difficultly drawing something, try tracing what you are trying to draw. This helps you learn how the lines move and how to place your pen/pencil on the paper. Almost always after tracing something you will find yourself free-handing what you had traced with a lot more accuracy. Don't feel bad about tracing, a lot of great artist used this technique starting out.

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    I got new supplies and I'm working on a few new project. I also had a crazy idea. I want to make a new firm for movie, comics, or video games. Maybe start a kickstarter in the future.

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    Sounds awesome......sounds like a lot if work.... go for it I say.

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    I agree with what everyone is saying, just draw things you like. You can't go wrong when you draw things you like and love doing it.

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