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    OK, so Im not really sure where to post this, if it needs to be moved please accept my apologies.

    So I figured since I couldn't find one anywhere, I would write an in-depth review/comparison of the 3 main adult pacifiers available on the market.

    The 3 pacifier companies offering decent Adult Pacifiers at the moment are AwwSoCute, BabyPants and PacifiersRus. PacifiersRus fit their own custom made teats to baby pacifier shields. BabyPants have both a custom shield and custom teat, and AwwSoCute have custom made replicas of the Nuk Medic Pro.

    ***Pictures to follow tomorrow, need to do some resizing first.


    The Good

    In my opinion the BabyPants shield is a very good size for an adult face. Its not so big that it looks like a joke dummy, but is definitely big enough to cover the whole mouth and some of the face. It is made of what feels like a cheaper plastic than a real baby dummy, is is more akin to a pacifier lolly. The plastic is nice and thick though, and still feels strong. Talking with this shield in will trap more saliva between the shield and your face than the others. Whether this is a pro or con is up to you.

    The Bad

    There are some drawbacks to these shields however. The most prominent is that for some reason, the bottom of the shield moves back in towards your face. This means that as you suck it, there is a pressure point just above your chin, which gets quite sore after a while. You can fix this however, at your own risk, like I did*.

    The pacifier will also deform if you put it in boiling water, as is common procedure to sterilise pacifiers.

    Another issue with these shields, which I have tried to show in the below photos, is a part of the button of the dummy. The part of the button that the teat attaches to in these pacifiers is wider than others. Not so wide you can't make it work with a different brand teat, but enough to put strain on the teat. I actually broke my PacifiersRus Silicone teat7 by doing this, so be careful.

    The last issue is with deflation of the teat in these pacifiers. The teat, once deflated, takes a while to re-inflate. I personally haven’t had much trouble with this, because I changed the teat on mine immediately. By not pushing the teat all the way down onto the button, but only enough to hold it in place, I have been largely able to avoid the issue. The other solution is to drill a small hole in the front of the shield.

    The Teat

    BabyPants teat is kind of a mixed bag for me. Its feels very strong compared to the ASC teat, and even slightly stronger than PacifierRus' silicone teat. However I personally hate the texture. I am biased in this department, because I usually prefer a Latex teat anyway. Its not a severe texture, but its definitely noticeable so If you prefer something smooth, this is definitely something to consider. You can still use this teat on other pacifiers without any problems, I've had them on both Nuk and Mam shields with no problems at all.


    - Larger than the others
    - Ring can fit 2-3 adult fingers
    - Nice to feel a shield that covers you whole mouth/some of the face
    - Easy to disassemble


    - Odd curve in bottom of shield
    - Melts in boiling water
    - Button of pacifier is hard on teats.
    - Slow to re-inflate in standard form


    - Textured teat
    - Trapped saliva

    *to fix the odd curve in the shield I did the following. There is boiling water and heat involved here, so proceed with caution and at your own risk.

    I disassembled the pacifier, leaving the shield part by itself. Put a pot of water on the stove to boil. Once boiling, get some tongs and dunk the lower half of the shield in the water for 10-15 seconds. After you pull it out it will be very hot, hot enough to push the bottom of the paci outwards with your thumbs. Repeat the step as many times as necessary, running your thumb along the edge of the dummy towards the bottom centre with as much pressure as possible. Again, I didn’t burn myself, but it was hot enough that if I had been careless I probably would have. The result though to me is worth it.


    The Good

    The AwwSoCute is an exact replica of a Nuk Medic Pro. ASC do claim however that it is improved, and I think I have found what they are talking about. Their shield has on the inside of it what Nuk call an "Air Circulation Channel". Now my official Nuk Medic Pro shield is a few years old, so they may have changed since, but it doesn’t have this airflow channel. The current Nuk baby pacifiers however, do. I think personally that this is a nice touch. I don't know how useful or effective it is, but its cool none the less.

    The other nice thing about ASC shields is that they are completely compatible with Nuk parts. I have used a Nuk ring and centre button on my ASC shields to get far nicer colour combos than what is available from ASC.

    The Bad

    There are no real drawbacks to the shield of the ASC, its kinda hard to go wrong with a dead knock off of a Nuk. The only thing I would say is the plastic of the ring and middle button doesn’t feel quite as tough as a genuine Nuk, but most people wont even notice.

    One last thing about ASC that should be mentioned is the quality of their assembly. Now, for me this isn’t a big deal, but IM sure for some it would be. When you full the paci out of the packet, odds are you’re gonna have to do some adjusting.

    From the factory there is a lot of wastage in the way the teat is put in the shield. Just by pulling out the ring and button and repositioning the teat, I gained about 2-3mm of usable length in the teat. The button and ring have come out very easily on 3/4 of the ASC pacis I have opened. Again I say, for me this is great because it makes modification very easy, but if you want the perfect dummy straight out of the box, you may be disappointed.

    The Teat

    The teat of the ASC has me conflicted. On one hand, I absolutely love it. Its nice and smooth, totally transparent and it flexes and gives like latex. On the other hand, compared to the other two brands of silicone teat, it does feel like breaking it is a very real possibility. I honestly wouldn’t be game to have a tug of war with this dummy, because it just feels like too much pressure on the teat would snap it. Whether this is the case or not I don’t know, because I haven’t tried. I guess time will tell. Apart from that though its an absolutely lovely teat. If it was a little bit longer it would be my new favourite.


    - Pretty colours
    - Nuk design/Compatible with genuine Nuk parts
    - Air circulation Channel
    - Good Quality
    - Lovely smooth teat


    - Weak feeling teat
    - Poor assembly
    - No bigger than standard Nuk Medic Pro


    The Good/The Bad/The Teat

    PacifiersRus have the largest range of shields available on the market. They do only convert baby shields, however I don’t see this as a big problem, because many baby shields are as big, if not bigger than a Nuk Medic Pro/AwwSoCute shield. The Mam button style pacifier is a prime example of this, and is the preferred paci of many. There’s not really a lot to be said about PRUs shields, so Ill talk about their pretty awesome teats.

    To me, PRU make the best teats currently available, the silicone teat7 and the latex teat7. These are both just a standard Nuk 5 style shape with some extra length added. For me personally, these are the perfect length for my mouth. I do have a big mouth though (all my wisdom teeth came through with no trouble to give you some idea).

    The latex they use is not quite the same as genuine Nuk, but I've been perfectly happy with it for a couple of years now. They also make what I personally think is the best silicone teat. I say that because it is nice and smooth, but still feels strong enough to have a paci tug of war without worrying about it breaking. Again though for me the extra length makes it the hands down winner. If PacifiersRus sold their teats separately and at a reasonable price, I would fit all my pacis with their teat7's.


    - Lots of options for shields
    - Smooth strong silicone teats
    - Biggest teats available on the market
    - Perfect for a larger mouth


    - Only baby shields
    - Very pricey


    In a perfect world I would have an ASC shield in the size of the BabyPants, and an ASC teat with the length and strength of the PRU Teat7.

    If you want a bigger shield, the BabyPants is the only paci to go for. But then you have to contend with all the issues that come along with them; the odd shaped shield, the inflation issues as well as the textured teat. They're good, but not a whole solution.

    I think people with big mouths would prefer the extra length of the better PRU teats, but can you really justify the extra cost? Even a PRU standard Nuk5 teat is $30, double the cost of an ASC. Their teat7 is $60, Quadruple the cost of the ASC.

    I think then, all things considered, I would have to say that the ASC is the best paci for the masses. You get good colours and a good teat for a good price. Sure it wont be perfect for everybody, but its a lot better than a baby pacifier, and it's price makes a real adult dummy viable for many people who previously would never have bothered.
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