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Thread: How to get yourself to pee laying down

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    Default How to get yourself to pee laying down

    We all are trained as kids to not pee the bed. At least I was. My body is trained not to pee laying down. I can push and strain all day long and it just wont happen. As soon as I stand up. Bam! I can pee just fine...

    Does anyone else have this problem? My gf offen leaves me tied to the bed tied up and says I cant get untied until i pee my diapers. Well after hours I still dont pee and the mood is kinda gone..

    She wants to tickle me until I pee. But I cant pee while getting tickled either..

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix these issues? Thanks

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    Private Life, you say?

    Hi and welcome to ADISC, PL! And thank you for putting that song in my head! So, the problem you have is really, really common.
    There are a lot of threads on this topic, feel free to search the forum. The best suggestion I have is to A) really, really have to go beforehand, B) Take deep breaths and relax yourself until you can let go, and C). most importantly, have an option to get off the bed and go if you really can't make it happen, so you don't hurt yourself with an overfull bladder. I can't go laying down unless I have a very full bladder, and even then, not when I am laying on my stomach. I also find dipping my hands in warm water (like when washing my hands) helps with this sort of thing...
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    Have you tried peeing a little while standing and then lying down? In that situation, you can either try to maintain the flow or just start again when you're prone. If you're just working from lying down, it's mostly about relaxation. Straining is not what you're after; it's like the dark side of the Force in this case. This will come most easily when you're calm and relaxed. Practice makes perfect!

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    You can also try peeing while standing on your knees in bed. or sitting on the bed or things like that, till you're able to do it laying down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by computerProgrammer View Post
    You can also try peeing while standing on your knees in bed. or sitting on the bed or things like that, till you're able to do it laying down.
    That's how I did it. There was no trick (I tried all sorts of stuff), it just came down to practice. While you're in the shower you can try working on just letting go in various positions.

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    This particular question is more art than science. It's so ingrained not to pee in that position that, as people have suggested, you just have to work your way up to it through repetition and practice. Basically, peeing your diaper in bed is the exact same thing you do to Carnegie hall: practice, practice, practice.

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    In addition to what others had said, have confidence in your diapers. See if your girlfriend will allow you to wet in a hands and knees position first to gain confidence in the diaper you are wearing. Once you are confident in your diapers ability to hold a wetting, wetting while laying down might become easier. Also having reusable or disposable under pad underneath you might help.

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    I wet in bed all the time. I have a disposable underpad under me every night. I worked my way up to it trying different positions further and further from the commode. I mostly did all that without a diaper on before I started wearing diapers to bed. I wet my pad in my underwear and it wasn't holding it all. I figured that meant I was ready for an upgrade. I started searching for samples and patterns and found ADISC. It was easy to wet in bed in a diaper. Any time I had hesitation I would pop my pacifier into my mouth and lay on my belly and totally relax like I was drifting off to sleep and it would start to flow. Now sometimes I wet and ask questions later. I start the flow without thinking and then try to remember how much padding I have to see if I need to get to a bathroom or not. Fortunately I usually have plenty of padding and noone is around if I do leak so I just let loose any time I want.

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