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Thread: From a girl to another, a question about the usage of diapers.

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    Default From a girl to another, a question about the usage of diapers.

    It borders on TMI, so I'll just be superduper vague as pawssible:

    Time of the month hit while at work (Babysitting) and with no feminine thingymadoodles, I resorted to mangling a diaper to use as a temporary solution.

    Feelings of shame and embarrassment aside, it was the comfiest thing I've ever used for something like that. Like, seriously-- no annoying itching or chafing or whatever! O:

    So uh..question, for the little girl babies. Is it unheard of, or odd, to resort to using adult diapers and the like during that time?

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    When I was younger my flow was AWEFUL and I did to avoid leaking. It worked pretty well and I felt extra secure about not bleeding everywhere do yeah I did it. It's not an aweful solution if you have a bad flow. Actually i know two other girls who did the same thing out of necessity

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    Since you brought that up, yeah. I get HORRIBLE flows and have often in the past had to double-layer the huge overnight pads just to get past the heavy days. And ironically enough I'd think "Why don't I just wear a freakin' diaper at this point, man?"

    So if it's out of necessity, then there'd very likely be no need to feel super weird about it. o:

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    Actually, it is the only time my wife has ever worn. Her doctor recommended this after my son was born as there were some days she had some heavy flow. There was a time, maybe for about four years where she would use a pull up under tight underwear for those first nights. Now she doesn't have as much going on since she went on the pill, so not much of a need anymore. I use that time as my excuse to use in front of her without getting much questioning. But I believe there are many more women, especially at night, that use a diaper for that purpose.

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    Oh, another question..!

    Are they usually like, higher in the waist so they don't slip down or anything? If so, does that make them warm around the tummy?

    Warm tummies make cramps go away and if that's an added bonus, sign me up for the diaper party :<

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    Some do and some don't. I avoided anything that did because while they are warm, it doesn't balance out the adde pressure on an already sore tummy.

    Like pulling your pants up over your belly button during that time of the month.

    (on another note they make patches that warm up on contact and those are amazing on the Tum Tum during girl time)

    Edit: last time I did this was....15 years ago, had to think about that. Things may have change since then. I was using pull ups back then and I hated it but it was better than the messy alternative.

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    My daughter and I both use pull-ups and diapers for that time of the month. I used to be raw by the end of that time but now I stay much more comfortable.

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    I've worn during my period before, but not really for that purpose, just because I wanted to wear. Except for one time I was running low on pads and wanted to wear anyway, so it killed two birds with one stone. (I actually kinda dislike that expression, but anyway.)

    Personally I see my diapers as a comfort/sexual thing and don't really like the idea of wearing them for another reason. But if it works for you, go for it.
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    I am new to wearing at all so I have yet to even think of wearing while on my period. But as I lay here my belly is starting to ache so I'm sure in the wee hours of the morning it will be here. I'm definitely staying padded all night now, save some hassle I think. Plus it's super comfy so why not!

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    My wife (non ABDL) wears the Always Discreet during that time of the month. They are not noticeable at all and she says they are so much more comfortable than pads and tampons.

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