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    Default Hello everybody

    Iím a science student (at the moment, I hadnít to choice any speciality, so Iím studding a bit of each field). Iím both French and German (but I never lived in Germany), so I donít speak (or write) fluently English, but I will try to write as well as possible.
    Iím primarily a diaper lover.
    My principal hobbies are climbing, reading, programming (in C and TI-Basic, and I recently began learning PHP/MySQL), and robotic.
    I came on that website, because someone recommended me that website as I asked for a website with stories written in English witch are not (or at least not too) sexual oriented to improve my English. But I sink I will also read some other discussions, to learn more about the feelings about wearing diapers in the English-speaking countries. I donít know at that time if I will also try to participate on debates.

    Thanks for reading

    PS : sorry for my English

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    Hello!!! Welcome to ADISC from a fellow Snivy!

    I look forward to seeing you on the forums!

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    So here's hoping the above, which is a clickable link, works where you are And you may be interested to know about ABKINGDOM
    which is another abdl site, and friendly to English, German, and French speakers. ZutAlors!! Il y a encore de bebes adultes, et tous le monde qui aiment leurs couches!!

    I can neither praise nor put them down at all, as Adisc is my main site for all things connected to my diaper fetish, and I'm not active anywhere but here. I just thought you might like a trilingual abdl site to look at as well as well as at us. Every site has a different "flavor."
    Adisc veers away fron being a porn site, say or a dating site. We're a support site, we're here to help. Its who we are. Welcome aboard.

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    Thanks for the answers.
    I know ABKingdom, but for me, that website is too sex-oriented (especially the stories) to be really interesting for me, so I stopped visiting that website. But thanks for the advice.

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