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Thread: My psp memory stick may be dead :(

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    Default My psp memory stick may be dead :(

    Well for a while I've been running gta vice city stories from my mem stick because i lost my umd. For some reason today when i went in to put some music on the stick windows said there's a file system error. I let it do its scan and it said it fixed some stuff. Tried to copy stuff again, same issue.
    I then decided that i would format the stick in windows and format it again in the psp. Still wound up with the same result. I also know its not the psp thats causing the problem becuase i took the stick out and put it in my card reader and got the same errors. Usualy when i try to write stuff it says it cant find it in the location its supposed to be in. Also i can take stuff off of the stick so that mean it must still work somehow... but i don't quite know. Any help would be appreciated. I just hope i dont have to get a new stick... i cant afford one at this point in time lol.

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    Sounds as though your Memory Stick has ran out of it's lifespan, probably from playing games from the stick a lot -- especially GTA whereas things are getting loaded a lot. I keep telling myself to stop playing Crisis Core from my MS, because I know it's going to die.

    Anyway, you decrease your Memory Stick's lifespan when you cycle through data frequently -- called cycles. When you go through enough cycles (hm, the average is like 10^6 cycles maybe?) the memory stick starts to die. Happens inevitably with Flash Memory -- although new technology is increasing the lifespan tremendously with different methods of R/W data; which is how Solid State Drives (SSD) are getting to be popular. They're drives have sophisticated technology that has a decent enough lifespan to be able to host an entire operating system + applications, media, etc.

    Long story short, it's time to get a new stick.

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