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    Hello ADISC! I want to start off by saying that not very long ago I had never heard of the AB/DL community, so I'm here mostly to learn. Recently I met someone and we became very close very fast, just as I was admitting to myself I was falling in love he told me he had something he needed to talk to me about. He was interested in a very particular fetish and that it was important to him that he told me about it early on in our relationship. We're in our 20's, and I'm not a stranger to the internet, so even though I could tell he was very anxious about telling me I pushed him confide in me. As informed as felt I was, I had never heard of the adult baby community, and I was pretty shocked.

    At first I was mostly just digging for information everywhere about what this thing is, but things have changed. The thing is, I'm in love. This guy is wonderful, and I could tell it took a lot for him to talk to me about this, the amount of trust he put in me makes me determined to deserve his trust. The thing is, this is new for both of us, though he says he's been a long time lurker on this forum and he's always been interested in the AB/DL lifestyle, but he's never actually indulged in his fantasies. I'm a natural caregiver, it's my profession as a nurse and my nature, as odd as this seemed at first I feel like I can really become involved in this lifestyle with my boyfriend by my side. We've recently hit the point where we're role playing and I put his first real diaper on him, and things are moving quickly, it's exciting and new for both of us.

    The reason I'm here, the point of this wall of text, is that I want to learn how to be a good mommy, but we have some obstacles to work through. I have a lot to learn, and I know communication is important, but I feel like there's a million other things going on, and I want to know how to ask the right questions (especially because my boyfriend can be shy).

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hello and welcome.

    I think it's a great sign for the two of you that you're here. First, it's great that he chose to confide in you straight away. I always recommend just that, and that's something I strove to do when I was meeting new potential partners. I consider it much more respectful to get it out there straight away and let the other person sort it out early on. If it goes badly, then I haven't wasted a bunch of their time and twisted their emotions all around. Otherwise, it gives them a chance to do what you're doing now-seeking out information, coming to grips with it, deciding whether it's something for you. So bravo on being willing to see what's doing! Just make sure that you're going at a pace you're comfortable with. I mean, you're the one getting up to speed on this, so you have a fair right to slow it down a bit if you need to. That said, it seems like you're at least somewhat comfortable with it if you're playing and asking questions and seeking out information!

    So please, have a look around, ask questions, see what there is to see. There's quite a crowd here-young, old, liberal, conservative, partnered, single, experienced, inexperienced. You'll get all sorts of perspectives here. I myself have a partner of six years that I met at an ABDL Halloween party. I suppose it saved me some steps meeting an ABDL at an ABDL party, but I think you have a fantastic opportunity to build a stronger relationship through the process of mutual discovery.

    Anyways, again, welcome!

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    Thank you for the kind welcome GoldDragonAurkarm. It sounds like you were very fortunate to meet someone the way you did. I feel like it would have been very hard for me if I was in my boyfriends situation, the idea of telling someone about something so intimate, knowing their judgement could be very harsh, is gut wrenching to me. I'm very glad to have joined this forum, I'm hoping to find information about the lifestyle and maybe even advice from others who have been in a similar situation.

    Thanks again for your kindness!

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    So glad to have you here. It's awesome that you and your boyfriend care enough for each other that you're willing to do some research about this for his benefit!

    I switch between little and caretaker roles, but I've been pretty much exclusively a mommy to my current roommate (and have been for a few months at least). I'm not the most experienced in the world, but I can try to help you out if you need it! Feel free to PM me with anything and I will do my best to help.

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