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    Default Debating whether to tell somebody

    Sorry this may be kind of long, this is one of those things where this community is the only group i can ask.

    I have a friend who also used to be a we know eachother fairly well. She's a very open minded person with a free spirit who is all about expressing yourself. I just visited her this weekend and she told me about her new career choice which she is currently training for: dominatrix. Female Domination and humiliation lol. Yeah, border line porn haha.

    Well Im giving serious thought to telling her about my wearing AND wetting for enjoyment.. I know what you're saying brainer, what's the hold up? I came so close to telling her last night while drunk. I had a fresh pack of depends in my trunk I had bought the day before to wear while driving. I probably could've put one on to wear out and under my sweat pants, around her, and she be cool with it.

    I guess I'm looking for some validating input. Like...I think to myself that somebody getting into work involving humilitaion, sex slaves, golden showers and clothes pins on scrotums wouldn't have a problem with her good friend enjoying diapers. Right? What do ya'll think?

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    We get these "should I tell" all the time, and normally I say, why do you need to tell, but this situation is quite different. Since she is going to be a dominatrix, yeah, I's a no brainer. This is one of those rare cases where I'd say, sure. Why not. Maybe she could practice on you....haha. Anyway, good luck.

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    I think part of me wants to tell her to experience the simple satisfaction of not having to keep it bottled up...because she is a friend and to be able to wear around her freely, covered of course, would be fun. I guess I just want to share for the sake of sharing lol. To get it off my chest. She was also one of the first strangers to which I admitted being gay too when I finally built up enough nerve to admit that.

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    99% chance she will be accepting, so if you want to tell her, you should tell her.

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    Sure, why not? I generally am more open than most anyways, and I told the majority of my friends in my late 20s about being an ABDL. I usually suggest weighing the risks and waiting for the right time. In this case, it seems like you'd have pretty good odds. If you time it right, it might not even have to be some super serious heart-felt thing, either. Maybe if she starts bringing up some weird shit she's heard about or encountered, just chime in with your own story.

    Good luck!

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    If there is anyone who you wish to confess your diaper desires she is strictly one.

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    General rule is not to tell if you don't need to, but if it's a mental burden and it would make you feel better to share it with someone, you've definitely found the right person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieRoni View Post
    General rule is not to tell if you don't need to, but if it's a mental burden and it would make you feel better to share it with someone, you've definitely found the right person.
    Which is why I told all of my friends that I am ABDL about a month ago. Hiding it really was holding me back and it was probably why I was depressed as much as I was.

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    Well I am going to just post a link to my favorite site that gives advice about situations like this. basically the link talks about how to come out and how not to come out.

    There are other things on this site that could help BenzyD but those 2 links above appear to be the most relevant to your situation.

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