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Thread: Regarding Teddy Ruxpin...

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    Default Regarding Teddy Ruxpin...

    I found this online:
    I did not know that a live-action Teddy Ruxpin was produced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    I found this online:
    I did not know that a live-action Teddy Ruxpin was produced.
    Wow, that's an old one! Didn't know either. Cool find.

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    Oh wow....really wow.

    I must have been 2 when this came out my mom played this video a lot since it was my favorite . it was a really good show and the suits they used were some of the best for year. even better then barney.

    it went well with the teddy ruxpin story telling toy

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    I don't think I even knew about the animated show, although I was in 7th grade when it apparently came out, so it wouldn't have been especially appealing to me. My sister and I were very into recording our own movie spoofs and ad spoofs on cassettes, though, and when Teddy Ruxpin (the doll) came out, I remember wondering whether it would work with regular cassettes (apparently it didn't). I found the idea of making Teddy Ruxpin drop F-bombs and such extremely funny.

    Oh well. Childhood dreams never realized.

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