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Thread: I was visited by the Diaper Fairy :D

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    Default I was visited by the Diaper Fairy :D

    Well, after a week's worth of waiting patiently, my order of AB diapers has finally arrived!

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    After finding a site called TottyBots, I went ahead and order a pack of 4 large Bambino Bellissimo diapers, based on how popular they seem to be. To my surprise, though, I also received a pack of 3 large Lovables.

    I have yet to try them on, and I want to wait a bit before putting them on. It is safe to say that I am close to trembling with delight about the prospects of finally putting one on. I'll be sure to update this page with the proceedings as I try out both the Bellissimos and the Lovables and see how well they hold up.

    Eeeee~ I can't wait!

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    Awesome! Pretty sure those "Lovables" are also known by a different name and are known to be pretty bad, but it's awesome anyways!

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    How are they? I want details! (Of-course not explicit details )

    I have yet to order Bellissimo's but I heard are one hell of a diaper.

    Adding that to the things I want to try before I die list.

    []Try a Bellissimo
    []Start an avalanche
    []Poke Fluttershy

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    Wow that place seems incredibly expensive. :/

    But a review would be nice. Enjoy. :3

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    Just giving an update after having used one of my Bellissimos.

    The verdict: speechless.

    At first, I didn't think there was much to them. That all changed when I put them on, however. I'm glad I got the large, because they fitted me almost perfectly. The print was so awfully cute and the thickness~ My goodness, the thickness was incredible

    After I put it on, I set myself down on a makeshift playmate where I drank water and played some video games. I drank through 2 full bottles of water and I was surprised with how well the Bellissimo was holding up. After wetting it twice, I was soaked from front to back and it did not leak ONCE. I was truly in little heaven by that point: I had drunk some milk from my sippy cup, I watched some pre-school shows on TV, I even had a nap for an hour. And this wasn't like before where I had trouble sleeping, as I was able to drift slowly off to sleep for a good part of an hour while wearing a rather full diaper.

    So, the Bellissimos definitely get the thumbs up from me. I can't wait to wear them some more in the next few days. I have 3 more days before my father returns from his trip, and I have 3 Bellissimos left: I had better make them count

    I will update again when I have tried out the Lovables properly. I accidentally punctured the front of one I was planning to wear tonight, which resulted in it dripping quite a lot However, I will try it again tomorrow and give a proper review then.

    -- UPDATE --

    Another day has passed, and I managed to get a better use out of the Lovable diapers. Although, "better" is kinda subjective in this case, cuz the Lovables weren't all that great.

    First off, gotta give credit where credit is due. The feel of the diapers is very nice, very similar to the Bellissimos, and the fit was good too. The tapes held up well and while it isn't as bulky as the Bellissimos, it has that nice thickness to it where I think it could be passable being worn under some clothing when your out in public.

    However, that lack of bulk is where the biggest fault of the Lovables lies. The Lovable diapers get too full too fast on their own; after managing one full wetting, the diaper I wore began to leak. I initially believed it was merely a case of having to distribute the contents so that it gets soaked up in the back as well, but that wasn't the case.

    My verdict? If you want a infantile-looking diaper that has the same capacity as a bog standard incontinence brief, then this is the diaper for you. If not, then I suggest adding some extra layers to save you on leak clean-up.
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