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    Default Help with diaper

    So I have followed the guide thing on here about putting it on...

    BUT I cannot get it on tight enough. Or I put the leg ones too tight and it hurts.

    it is a standard plastic backed diaper with two tabs either side...

    Does anyone have any tips for how to get it on right and tight enough?

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    Shop bought from Boots. Although I do say it is a plastic backed diaper with two tabs either side. in the original post

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    Try standing up and putting the back of the diaper between your butt and the wall when fastening it. Position it correctly then tape it. Once you figure it out, standing up while changing tends to be easier than laying down, at least in my experience.

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    I asked because different diapers can have different fitting issues. That's all. Standing up is a good suggestion.

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    Is it possible that the size is just too big for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    Is it possible that the size is just too big for you?
    I dont know. I am quite slim in the waist bit I have big hips and a bigish bum so medium seemed right

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymeggy View Post
    I dont know. I am quite slim in the waist bit I have big hips and a bigish bum so medium seemed right
    It's possible you're one of those slimmer people who find that adult diapers tend to be big on them. See if you can find a size small, although this may be difficult in brick-and-mortar stores.

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    What do you mean not tight enough? Is it not tight such that it's causing function problems (i.e. leaking)? Or is it just not living up to your ideals of how it should fit?

    I'm assuming they're some no-name store brand diapers, so if leaks are causing you to say it's not tight enough then it may be that the diaper sucks. If you're expecting them to fit you like a skintight speedo or something, then you're out of luck. Most diapers should fit somewhat loosely (so the elastic can do its job), and have a bit of a sag in the middle. That sag is what causes excess liquid to pool there before being absorbed, rather than running straight for the leg openings (no amount of tightness will prevent leaks in that case).

    As others have said, taping standing up is an excellent idea, and makes it much easier to get the fit right (the diaper can fit naturally that way and nothing is compressed unnaturally like it would be if you were laying on it). Everyone will have a different taping scheme that works best for their particular shape and brand of diaper, and it takes a while to find. Keep experimenting with different taping schemes, use landmarks on the diaper (wetness indicator strip, sides, edges of padding, etc.) as guides to remember how you taped it last time and remain consistent.

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