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    This morning I was pouring me a bowl of Cocca Puffs when a white package fell in my bowl. I guess they are running a thing with mega blocks and giving away free cars. Wow it has been a while since I got a surprise in my cereal box.

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    Surprises in cereal boxes are cool, although I admit I was a bit worried about what a Cocoa Puff surprise might be! You could say that this thread was a welcome surprise given my worries!

    What color car was it? I like blue cars! Or yellow! I hope it was one of those. What kinda car was it? I don't know much about cars but like there is vintage cars.. and sports cars.. and trucks. Trucks are cool.

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    I could never win a free prize out of them darn cereal boxes. I remember harassing my mom to buy me like 20 boxes of cereal (I think it was Cap'n Crunch) just to collect all four wristwatches. I had three out of four and I could never find the blue one.

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