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    Hello all,

    My name is lgmuffin. I am happy to find a group of people who share my
    secret interest.
    I am a male born in 1955 born back in the days before disposable diapers
    so I spent my real baby days wrapped in the cotton gauze diapers from way
    I came here mainly to meet others like me and see how and why we
    became what we are and maybe learn a little more about myself. I had
    both a wonderful and difficult childhood which I will share some details as
    we go along.
    I enjoy reading, golfing and watching sports along with my long list of TV
    I am looking forward to joining in some discussion forums on many topics.

    Happy to be here,

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    Welcome lgmuffin! We're a support site and we're here to help each other best we can. Who are some of your favorite authors? I'm a Stephen King and Hohn Grisham fan myself.

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    I like both of those authors myself. I am currently reading my way through the Game of Thrones series. Just finished Storm of Swords.

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    I've been watching the series (I know, I know) and haven't started the books yet. I have the first one. Perhaps that will be my next one to read.

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