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    Ok everyone im 18 years old and I have been wetting the bed for a few months now im not sure whats going on I do know my stress has gone threw the roof. I have been trying diffrent things to get me to stop at night like not drinking water 2hrs before bed and going to the bathroom before bed. Even setting an alarm. But I dont always catch my self... anyone know what I should do

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    Quote Originally Posted by ampelhamza View Post
    Talk to your doctor? Buy some thick diapers?
    I second that its all that really can be done at this stage
    however Im surprised that the OP says months I wouldve expected someone to see a doctor after a 2 or 3 incidents of this

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    I was a chronic bedwetter as a kid and throughout my teens. I started bedwetting again when I turned 50. It was a shock but I have accepted it now. For most people bedwetting can be cured so yes please see your doctor. Don't worry he or she will be totally matter of fact about it and may well refer you to a urologist and to the continence nurse. Again nothing to worry about. They have seen it all before many times. My bedwetting can't be cured as it is caused mainly by diabetic related nerve damage. Fortunately I have learned to live with it and yes thick nappies are the way forward.

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    Thankyou guys and it been afew month's because I have just been wearing diapers to cover it up but I am going to see a doctor I am setting an appointment up for tommrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matna35 View Post
    Thankyou guys and it been afew month's because I have just been wearing diapers to cover it up but I am going to see a doctor I am setting an appointment up for tommrow.
    That's the best thing to do. None of us here are medical experts.

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    This actually happened to me a few years back, it went away in time, hope everything has worked out for you!

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    I am thinking about seeing a dr myself. I only wet during sleep a couple of times in the last 3 months, but I do not know if my DL came out because I already needed diapers or if I am just using my weaker bladder as an excuse to wear.

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    Being 18 and just starting college had the exact same thing happen to me. I had not wet the bed since I was age 8 so it was alarming at first but a great dorm roommate and a knowledgeable / sympathetic housing counselor assured me that using protection at night was not only necessary and in the best interests for everyone involved, but was being practiced by several other guys in my dorm unit. A visit to the college doctor a week later confirmed it was most likely stress and a lot of 18 year old new college boys had this occur. He thought it would pass in time.

    Eventually my nighttime accidents cut way back but occasionally I would still have an accident and after waking up in wet sheets a couple of times in 1 month my roommate helped me realize that my wearing a snap-on diaper and plastic underpants every night was the safest thing and least embarrassing. I could go a month or two without any issues and then wake up one morning with my diaper and plastic underpants quite wet / damp but at least the sheets were dry and I would sleep through the night. A follow up visit to the college doctor basically told me that as long as I was at college, stress could always be a major factor so I was glad there was nothing medically wrong. I actually enjoyed the security and control I had wearing protective underclothes and even though some others knew of my condition they never bothered me about it. In fact, I had several people ask me about it when they had some bedwetting issues or knew of a friend who was going through this type of bedwetting phase, I always recommended some type of undergarment protection and a quick visit to the college doctor. There was always some discussion about embarrassment but I passed on the same words my best friend’s mother told me when I wet the bed at a sleepover at age 8, "better to wet your diaper / plastic underpants and keep it contained, then yourself and the sheets and have everyone notice”.

    It is part of my lifestyle now and though my nighttime accidents are rare, the few times it does occur over several months and I am protected at night from wet sheets, the better I feel about wearing my training underwear and PULs. The relationships I had in college were 90% of the time understanding (and glad I was considerate by wearing protection at night).

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    I have been having bedwetting issues for the past 2 years, due to 1. Weaker bladder from wearing a lot 2. Deeper sleep from cpap machine. And 3. Taking melatonin. My actual wetting accidents occur like 1-3 times a month sometimes more. The rest of my wettings are when I'm only half awake while it happens.
    So do u guys think I can consider myself to be mildly incontinent, and would u say I have a valid reason for needing diapers?

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