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    My last order of diapers included a pack of abena m4s and and sample pack of tena slip maxi small. The tena slip maxis (maxii?) were quite a bit small on me and i really had to stretch it to the end of the tapes. However the abena m4s seemed a bit big to me, and besides i like a snug diaper

    Anyways I was wondering if anyone would have any advice on what I should maybe try next, as I'm thinking of making another purchase soon. My waist size is like 29-30 and I weigh about 135lbs if that helps. Thanks for reading

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    I don't really have any advice as I've yet to be able to order online.

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    i would stick with getting medium diapers and try different ways of putting them on to get them snugger.

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    I have a similar problem but between medium and large deffo go with bigger and tape tighter

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    Medium diapers are usually the best ways to go. Large are same prices but also worth the money as they are the same price but large holds more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawr1 View Post
    My waist size is like 29-30 and I weigh about 135lbs if that helps.
    You're almost exactly the same size as me. Here's what I know fits well:
    Molicare super plus small.
    Tranquility ATN medium.
    Dry247 small
    Abena S4 (except they're cloth backed only, they weep, and they have poor odor control)

    Here's what fits but is a little on the big side, listed is descending order from best fit:
    Northshorecare medium
    Molicare super plus medium
    XP absorbency plus L4
    Seni quatro medium

    If I were you, I'd order a pack of small dry247 from xp medical and get a sample of Molicare small alongside it to make sure they fit (they should, but you're just a tad larger than me so I can't guarantee it). Then from there order more Molicare or more dry247. The Molicare smalls are awesome because they're like $1/diaper.

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