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Thread: Am I lucky???

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    Default Am I lucky???

    I live about 6 miles away from the Tranquility plant in Dunbridge Ohio. I didn't know until just recently that they have a "will call" counter and anyone can order online and pick up at the shipping counter at no charge. Makes it easy to pick up supplies when needed.

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    That's pretty awesome! I haven't tried Tranquility's stuff myself, but I'm sure you're getting a better deal there than anywhere else!

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    As someone from Ohio, I would say that you are rather unlucky... because you continue to reside in Ohio.

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    Yes, I'd say your pretty lucky. If I want any good diapers I have to buy them online an wait 3 or 4 days for them to ship.

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    You are definitely lucky to be right near them. Just imagine all the free time you get to have!

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