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Thread: I think my daughter is AB/DL

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    Default I think my daughter is AB/DL

    Well, first a bit of description. I'm a longtime lurker who finally registered because I have something to say.

    Yeah, I'm a DL. I've had this fetish basically since puberty, and from what I can tell probably beforehand (my parents said that when I was a newly toilet trained toddler they caught me trying to put on my old diapers), and as soon as I saw them coming out with things like pullups and goodnites as a kid I was wishing so badly I could be in those. I remember being in junior high, and my grandmother, who lived with us, wore adult diapers, and I remembered desperately wishing I could try them on. Basically I've been attracted to being diapered since I was toilet trained.

    In any case, I'm a happily married 36 year old man. My wife knows about my fetish. She doesn't share it. We've incorporated diaper play in our sex life a few times, but it's not really a turn-on for her, and peeing my diaper is a hard turn-off. So, we have kind of an agreement that I don't have to hide my diapers from her, but she doesn't really want to make it a part of our sex life.

    We also have a 13 year old daughter.

    She had a bedwetting problem, rather bad one actually, started to really go from occasional to almost more nights than not around the age of 9, 4 years ago.

    Well, simple things like limiting water intake and trying to pee before bed weren't fixing things. We agreed we would see if she would be interested in wearing goodnites-style bedwetting pants.

    We suggested this, and she got really embarrassed. My wife and me both explained to her that sometimes even adults have to wear diapers, and they make them in all sizes. There's nothing wrong with wetting the bed at her age, it happens to many kids, this would just let her have a warm, dry bed and not have to worry about washing the sheets, and it's the exact same thing that her mother or me would do if either of us started wetting the bed for any reason. We promised her we would be as discrete and respectful about it as we could, and that we'd show her that even adults have to wear diapers sometimes.

    We took her to the store and showed her the huge displays of adult diapers, to show her that it happens to adults too, before going and showing her the goodnites.

    We had a deal, she could wear them to bed to stay dry. We wouldn't ask if she wet the bed or not, and we didn't check the trash to see if the pullup she put in it was wet. We were as respectful, discrete and polite about it as we could be. The most we did was to check the amount in the bag she had in her closet and refill that bag if it got low.

    I noticed a few times that a standard pack of 20 lasted less than 20 days, usually about 2 weeks. I figured that probably meant that she was wetting in the night, would wake up, and change to a dry one.

    Well, she turned 13 a few weeks ago. I know that medically, bedwetting is supposed to clear up by then. However, she was still wearing them every night, hadn't said anything, and would indeed go through a 20-pack roughly every 2 weeks.

    So, my wife and me sat down and had a talk with her. We asked her if she still wet the bed, and, knowing the way I felt about these things as a kid (I would have loved to, at 13, been allowed to wear something like that to bed), I was especially careful. My wife and me had already talked about this.

    Well, we asked her if it was one of three things:

    1. Does she still wet the bed, and if so we need to have her see a pediatrician because she's now 13 and still wetting regularly.

    2. Does she not wet the bed anymore, and was just wearing them out of habit, and if so does she want to stop?

    3. Does she not wet the bed anymore, and wants to keep wearing them.

    I asked this question, and she blushed beet red, so red it was like a stoplight.

    Well, she was awkward to say it, but we promised her that whatever the answer was, we'd support her, we loved her, and we'd be nothing but respectful.

    She told us she stopped wetting the bed a couple of years ago, but she liked to wear them. She said she liked the feeling, and it made her feel good.

    We told her that was okay, that we'd keep it a family secret, and that she could wear whatever underwear, or diaper, she wanted to bed.

    Well, we asked her then if she still wants to wear goodnites, or anything else. She was kind of awkward at the "anything else" part. We told her that they make many different styles and such, and if she'd rather wear something else, we would allow it. We told her we'd buy them if she felt embarrassed, she wouldn't have to say a word, we'd pull up a site with different styles and such on the computer, she could just select one if she wanted to try it, and we'd get it for her.

    Well, she wanted to try a tape on "brief", i.e. a much more baby-like diaper than the pull-up like goodnites. We went out to the drugstore and bought her a pack of store-brand diapers to try, the smallest size they had.

    My wife asked her if she could put them on herself, or if she needed help. My daughter actually asked for help. So, a couple of weeks ago my wife diapered her diaper for the first time in a decade. After that night, she's diapered herself for bed every night.

    My wife is a little nervous about it all, but we've agreed that if she trusts us enough with this, and is close enough to confide in us with this, it means we're doing well as parents, and if she's wearing a diaper to bed at night, she's probably not sleeping around and we'd rather she be buying diapers than drugs. She's still a little awkward about her 13 year old daughter wearing baby-style diapers to bed every night, but she's basically accepted that it does mean she trusts us.

    She still doesn't know I like it. I made sure to keep it hidden from her, to avoid confusing her.

    Earlier today she asked me if she could wear one all-day tomorrow. It would be a Saturday, so she would be at home. I told her yes, and that I would never judge her about anything related to this, but we both knew she could never tell people outside the family, or her friends, because they wouldn't understand. She said she knew completely that her friends wouldn't "get it".

    I know she's pubescent, she got her first period almost a year ago. She's starting to like boys, so I know she has a sex drive, which is weird to think of as a father, but now it makes me realize this could, and may well likely be, a fetish she has.

    As a dad, it really wracks my brain to think of my girl like that. However, as a DL, I'm glad to be the kind of parent I wish I had when I was that age.

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    Awesome parents! Seems like any teenagers fantasy to have their parents buy them diapers ^__^

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    You might be right but I would hesitate before giving anything like this much weight. It could easily be a passing fancy. It ultimately doesn't matter much, except to your daughter whether or not this is something short or long term. Just keep being good and compassionate parents as you have been doing.

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    I think you and your wife couldn't possibly have handled the situation any better than that!

    An experience like this will certainly reinforce a deep trust bond between you and your daughter in a way that she'll never forget, even more so when she will be older and will be able to have a better understanding of the whole thing herself.

    Now it'd be funny if in 5 years she registered on here and happened to read this. It'd sure make for more stoplight-red blushy moments...

    For now all you can and have to do is just support her like you're already doing and make sure she doesn't end up in awkward situations with her peers, even though she seems already pretty aware about how to handle herself. And with a wise guide like you and your wife, I'm not surprised!

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    I think that's awesome of you as a parent to not judge her or anything (Though I guess it helps that you're a DL.) And its most certainly awesome of your wife to not judge her either even if she doesn't like the idea.

    Might I make a suggestion though, as she gets older it might be an idea to assign her a simple chore to do to earn you buying these for her, something stupid such as taking out the trash or cleaning her room, that's the agreement I had with my mom when she found out I liked diapers, albeit it was different things like helping with laundry or dishes so on and so forth, but it's similar. Of course she's your daughter and I'm not a parent of any sort so I've no place to suggest something like this really, but I thought it might be relevant.

    Gotta say, she's really lucky to have understanding parents like you and your wife.

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    This has been well covered, so just to add. We have a number of members on this site who started out as child bed wetters and say they think they like diapers now because of their childhood bed wetting and wearing diapers. As Trevor said, she may eventually outgrow it, since some people do.

    I'm envious as to how well you handled this. When my mom found my diapers, she took me to a psychiatrist at a large residential mental facility. Not only did she not accept it, but told me I had to grow up and act like a man, so kudos to you and your understanding wife.

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    I wish I had you guys as parents. Also a bonus of being a AB/DL. We accept our kids better.

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    This is amazing. I would bet that most of us here wish we had been so fortunate at that point in out lives. Kudos to you and your wife for being awesome. Hopefully as society becomes more open and accepting, a higher number of kids will have this kind of experience.

    I had one small thought in reading the post. It may be a good idea for her to be aware of what the cost is for a diaper. I'm not saying don't buy them for her. I'm just saying that since there is not really a physical need for regular diaper wearing, it may be worth being aware of what the financial commitment is. This will be more important as she gets older and is eventually at a point that she will be buying them herself.

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    I would watch and see if you can tell if she is wearing during the day.

    I was a bed wetter till 12 and by that time i was hooked.

    It was years later that i could wear during the day but when that time came i was right back in them.

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    Sounds like you handled that very well. Good job! My 13 year old daughter wears Always Discreet. She purchases them herself at Walmart. I do not think she has ever wet the bed, but I recommended them to her for her period because she said she bleeds heavily and her underwear were showing it. I would soak mine in the sink but she did not, so disposable underwear should be better for her. Now neither one of us have to wash underwear since I am in diapers all the time anyway. I just have to make sure I wear disposable boosters instead of baby diaper boosters around that time. I gave my daughter a pack of the boosters as well.

    Forgot to add that I see no signs of DL activity with her but she might be furry. I am not but she really enjoys pretending to be an animal.
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