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    I my self have been wearing diapers for the last couple of years due to a some what incontinent bowel. I have a weak bowel mussel according to the doctor and there is not much to do about it. I was told to try to regulate it by taking a powder fiber supplement and do that. The doctor told me that I can 1) be near facilities, 2) take an anti-diarrhea pill, or 3) wear protection. Since I do not want to sit at home and do not want to take pills to bid me up, I have gone the protection.
    At first I had a minor problem that only happened once in a while. I could use incontinent pants and pads. Then as I got older it became more of a problem. I get the urge but only have 90 or so seconds to find a facility before it just comes out in what I am wearing. Since adult pull ups came out, I use them at home and for short trips. I wear full fitted diapers when out for a while, traveling or going out for dinner. A large meal sometimes starts the process. My weak mussel cannot hold it in. So I fill the seat of my diapers.
    I have gotten used to the problem and the diapers. They are now comfortable and I get a sense of security with them. I sometimes get a sense of shame but know I cannot help it. Now I have embraced the diapers and would not go out without one on. I still get somewhat ashamed to what I do in my diapers.

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    I also have bowel incontinence. I have nerve damage that causes me to have no sphincter control. I have found the best solution for me is to make sure that I take in a decent amount of fiber (which also helps keep the cholesterol levels good), to keep the stools from becoming to runny. I usually have a bowel movement in the morning, within an hour of getting up and moving around. As long as I don't overeat at meals during the day, I usually don't have another bowel movement while I am away from he house during the work day. I also find that if I keep my stools a little more solid, that I get a little more than the 90 seconds warning that you speak of. I also eat yogurt if my digestive system seems to be out of balance, and that helps keep things working properly too. Before I figured all of this out, and was still having random bowel movements in my diaper in public, I took Nullo, and it does work to keep the odor down, so that at least you don't have the smell to add to the embarrassment.

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    I wonder, hasn't your doctor recommended any surgeries or other varients on how to handle your incontinence? Since in general there is a lot more than you can try.

    This starts by many surgeries that can reduce the problem, although the chances are the issue will not be 100% fixed. The improvement is in general drastic enough to warrant the risk however. The one thing that's important about is, is to get informed before the surgery about stuff like success rates in general, long term improvement and things that can be done/regulated furthermore after it.
    It's always a risk, but frankly speaking I wouldn't call using diapers to handle bowel IC an humane way to live. It sounds harder as it should, but I just think that's not fair in general. It only adds a lot of problems beginning from finding a toilet in time and if not then the inevitable happens up to having to deal with this in unpleasent situations/areas where you cannot hide the fact very well or have to hold out a long time until you're able to clean yourself. Which is anyway, even if you're at the point of being fine with the diapers as a kind of resignation, just an emergency measurement.
    Personally it would drive me crazy, I mean I cannot stand it and that's why I'm using the irrigation. Which is a method of alleviating faecal incontinence and constipation by emptying the rectum. And the most simple and safe long-term treatment for defecation disturbances with greatest benefit for anyone with a bowel dysfunction. It minimises the likelihood of involuntary bowel leakage and/or constipation.

    You could at least try it, as asking your doctor anyway. There is no chance that it would work, but maybe it would and then the problem is practially gone.
    The same actually goes for using fiber supplements, since it adds more "mass", so it should in theory prolong the time that you're having for getting to the toilet. The most common to use is ispaghul, or desert indianwheat. You can simply eat it with yoghurt or a glass of water.

    Furthermore you could also try anal tampons. Those are basically a rubber-foam type cone that are waxed with a substance that melts with body heat. Simply put it's a blockage to protect you from having accidents.

    Don't resign that easily, despite that it is hard of course. But at least you could ask your doc for further informations on how to handle the IC, since there simply is much much more instead of resorting to protection solely.

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    Thanks; I had not though of the Nullo to cut down on the smell. I have been using the fiber supplements to help regulate the bowel movements. I also usually have a morning movement and then limited activity through out the day. The diapers are more of a safeguard now.

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    Hi DLBillAL,

    I’m JD (John). I share your problem as I am bowel incontinent with a defecation disorder. An old accident damaged the nerves in my anus and rectum so that I lost most of my ability to sense an approaching BM and the nerves that handle sphincter control. The defecation disorder causes me to experience frequent incomplete evacuation. I have been through all of the medical diagnostics, specialty clinics, etc.

    I wear diapers 24/7 but, after a lot of trial and error, have learned how to do it well – my friends are unaware that I am in diapers.

    At first most of us are anxious that others will be able to tell that we are wearing diapers, but that almost always in not correct. Most people don’t look and don’t care. There are some tricks – Never go out without a pair of plastic pants over the diaper. Wear a pair of underpants over the diaper to stop the rustling or crinkling sound. Even better, wear Spandex underpants or compression shorts which both hold the wet diaper up to prevent sag, smooth out any bulges and lines, and silence the sound. Wear pants a size or two bigger than normal for you. Look into adult onsies which really help and are very comfortable. For odor, use plastic-backed diapers with high internal standing leak guards to control fecal leaks. Most diapers will control feces until have to sit down to drive home or remove your shoes and trousers and then they leak. Examples of good diapers for bowel incontinence are ConfiDry 24/7, Tena Slip Maxi, and Wellness Superio Signature..

    Re surgery, be cautious. My gastroenterologist advised against it as the results are only about 50% successful.

    Re Nullo, it works to control odor but can cause severe constipation, which even may exacerbate your diarrhea. I only take it when I am in close social situations such as on a cruise.

    Re anal tampons, anal plugs such as Peristeen are available in Europe and Australia but have not been approved for prescription in the USA. I would note that they are expensive and must be replaced after each bowel movement. A single anal tampon costs more than a premium diaper. It is possible to use tampons intended for feminine hygiene. If you do so, look for those which expand in width once inserted. A good example is the O.B. brand. As feminine tampons are intended for a more moist internal environment than the anus, they must absorb moisture before they expand and soften. Normally they will absorb moisture from contact with feces. In the absence of feces, they usually will stick to the wall of the rectum and you will either have to wait before you safely can extract them. If in a hurry, just flush the rectum with a few ounces of water, after which the tampon will soften and can be extracted safely.

    I am able to function fairly normally despite my problems. I even travel internationally. I should mention what has helped me the most. DaLira mentioned irrigation. What she means is rectal irrigation or the good old-fashioned enema. To control my bowel incontinence, I administer daily preventive enemas - with the approval of my gastroenterologists. I have self-administered over 1,800 enemas. I am talking about traditional bag enemas with saline and soapsuds. They wash out fecal matter so that I do not have a bowel accident later in the day. This lets me get on with a normal life. Done correctly, enemas are safe, comfortable, and effective. Most people have never had an enema administered correctly. I self-administer 2 - 3 enemas each morning, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With Digital Stimulation I am able to have a bowel movement each morning before the enema (no enema dependence). I have written a serious paper on the subject. If you, or anyone else, are interested, I will be glad to post a link to the paper on DropBox. The paper is serious and does not address non-medical (fetish) use.

    I also have written an introduction to the selection and wear of adult diapers. Let me know if you have an interest.


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