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Thread: Thickest Diaper

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    Default Thickest Diaper

    What is the thickest diaper made?

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    I can tell you what *isn't* thick

    Depends - they're all I really have though. :\

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    Thickest diaper I've worn are the Attends Briefs Extended Wear, but I hear Abena X Plus's are the thickest you can get.
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    Abena X-plus are by far the thickest diapers I seen/worn.

    The 3 best diapers I think are

    1.Abena X-plus
    2. Bambino
    3. Dry 24/7

    These seam to be the only ones I may buy ever again. Unless I want to go with cloth diapers.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The three thickest i've worn are
    -- Abena x-Plus
    -- Molicare super-plus
    -- Tena (forgot what kind, but it's pretty thick)

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    thick head? your answer is in the wiki, and the previous articles aptly named (one every week)

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    Another vote here for the Abena X Plus, they are the thickest I've tried, even more so than secures, dry 24/7 or attends.

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