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    After a long conversation with my mom. I have a renewed patience for the world. I still feel in this day in age we should be given a quicker reply to job request. I get the whole "We get a lot of application" thing, but I think it's rude to leave people seating there wait month on end for nothing. Sorry for the rant but it's insane how all this works.

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    It's worse when they don't reply at all.
    You don't know whether to forget about them

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    I understand you. I have applied for so many jobs and I never got word from them. The trick to get a job is to keep calling and harassing them and they will later figure out that you are determined to get this job. Might not work for some jobs but usually harassing them and giving you the job is their way of saying "dammit! Shut up! Fine, take a job!"

    The only trick is patience and calling. When you put an application in you want to call within 48 hours to make sure they got your application. Wait a week if no word has arrived from them. Call another week ahead and still waiting, then usually call everyday for the last week. After three weeks, they don't want you and you move on to something else.

    I will be the first to say that retail pays more than fast food so your best chance is retail jobs as fast food will make you work like a dog until you go on your break.

    Be caution as they tend to feed you bullshit such as,

    "I have not gotten the chance to look at your application"
    "I am busy at the moment, I will call later"
    "I will transfer you to my manager, wait a minute"
    "I will call you within a week to see if you made it or not"

    You want to be in control and step in so you know that you will not play their evil little game. Jobs are crooks but we all have to have them for the money. The right job is around the corner, just you wait.

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    I lost my job at the end of 2000. I had taken some courses in accounting and thought that I could get a bookkeeping job. I applied at a number of places, and only got one or two replies. All the others were ignored. It worked in my behalf as I eventually got two jobs, one full time and one part time in fields where I had more interest. In those cases, they actually came seeking me out.

    It's good to establish yourself in a community and have a network, but that takes many years, and also getting that first and second job. It's like a catch 22. You need the job for employers to know you're a good worker and know what you're doing. That why a lot of us take low paying employment for that first job, and often in a field that was not our major. You need that foot in the door.

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    Right now is a difficult time to find a job. Before the job that I currently have, I was out of work for like 8 months. I know it is hard, and I know you are working at it, even if you have yet to see results. Finding a job can be a lot harder than having a job sometimes.

    If at all possible have someone you know recommend you to their boss right before you put in your application. Knowing someone is how a lot of people got their interviews and jobs. I think this is the easiest way to get your foot in the door.

    Try applying at places that you would not normally go such as a fabric store.

    Look for help wanted signs whenever you go places close to home, and don't just fill out the online application. Dress nice and either hand in your application in person, or if they make you do the application online, go in a day or two after you sent the app in to introduce/sell yourself and tell them why you would be a good fit. A lot of places don't even look at the online applications. Even if you do everything right, some place still won't call you back, but perseverance can help pull you through until you find the job that gives you the interview and then the job.

    If your only problem is not getting calls back, you can try going in for group interviews. Some times a company will have open interviews for anyone who wants the job to come and sit for an interview. You will just have to keep your eye out for those.

    And maybe you will get a job because of a random happenstance. I got my first job because when I went to the interview the hiring manager had forgotten I was coming in so he was not there. I got a call back from him the next day and he felt so bad he gave me the job.

    And if you need some quick cash try doing "teen" jobs. Babysitting, yard work, advertise to your neighborhood your price and you may have some clients quickly. (But if you do end up making lots of profit from this don't forget about tax's) Since more people are living longer, more people are keeping their jobs longer, making young adults take jobs traditionally done by teens. So if you end up going this route, you should not feel bad because it is becoming more and more normal.

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    I remember one of the first jobs I got as a janitor many years ago. I was walking into the company office to drop off a resume. I walked into the middle of the boss firing a guy telling him he was lazy and that his services were no longer required. He hired me on the spot because he needed a new cleaner right away. Sometimes it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

    Anyway, I agree that personal contact is important. Have a good resume prepared to submit with the application, and if it's a job you really want, include a good cover letter which outlines why you're applying for the particular position and detailing the skills, qualities and experience that make you the ideal candidate. You want to give them the impression that you really want to work specifically for them. How you dress is really important. You can use some judgement on how you dress for an interview, but at the very least, no jeans and t-shirts. Don't be afraid to wear a tie. It may seem pretentious but it makes a good impression with an employer.References are good to have, preferably from people who work in similar fields.

    Always follow up several days later with a phone call to ensure they received your application.. This brings your application back to the top of the pile. A call back afterwards is a good idea. It let's them know you're interested. I wouldn't inundate them with too many phone calls, otherwise you may come across as overly aggressive and it could work against you.

    I'm glad you're being patient about this, you need that when you're looking for stable employment. I think a lot of us here have been where you are at now, DarkBabyMagicain, and, believe me, something will come up. It does take patience... and perseverance. Best of luck, friend.

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