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    Uh if I'm in the wrong place here then feel free to move the thread.

    Just I am wondering what your first experience buying diapers was like? How did you feel? How old were you? How did you feel before? After? Did you buy them in a shop or online? Where they baby diapers/bedwetting pullups or adult nappies?

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    My first time was I think 17. My parents were away, I had a car, I drove very early to walmart and picked up a package of adult assurance diapers. They were still plastic backed at that time. I loved those things, now they are crap. It was so exhilarating and nerve racking picking them up and taking them to the cashier. I actually put on a pair in my back seat and wet on the way home. After that I didn't do as much home made diapers. I ended up hiding them partially under a huge tub of legos and partially in an extra bean bag chair that was in my closet. Now I have two chests and a small dresser filled with diaper-related paraphernalia, oh how the times have changed. It saddens me at how much diapers have begun to loose their crinkle in their path to cloth-backing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymeggy View Post
    Just I am wondering what your first experience buying diapers was like?

    How did you feel?
    I felt terrific when I first ordered my adult diapers online. I had a little help thanks to the ADISC community. I sadly don't have any but I will eventually get some soon. The feeling was great thou, after months to even years of waiting managed to arrive and I patiently waited for my package. Got there but had to wait an extra day because of a certain someone. Mhm...

    Afterwards, I threw on one (It was a disaster, was my first adult padding so of course I was going to be terrible) and I felt no different on the inside than I did wearing underwear or become my normal self although I did feel extra thickness around my waist I thought the feeling was terrific of course but I was not going to brag to everyone about my first. (save that for my lady-friend *wink* *wink*)

    How old were you? I was 18 when I ordered (May 30th, 2014) and package arrived (June 4th 2014) I only wore when necessary or if I had alone time to myself. Grabbed a case of 14 and went through them till my last one (Which was used July something, can't remember the date :/ ) I was 19 when I finished the last one. (B-day 6/28)

    How did you feel before? After? Before, I just looked at diapers online and played video games as normal( for the diaper thing, I looked at diapers itself, I did not want to see anyone else wearing the diaper) I always got nervous and did not pursue to go after some adult padding before and took the opportunity around May (I already mentioned) After, already said above, felt no different with or without padding but they felt comfortable.

    Did you buy them in a shop or online? I bought my first pack off of amazon with free shipping. Case of mediums with 14.

    Where they baby diapers/bedwetting pullups or adult nappies? They were plastic-backed Abena M4's.
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    It was earlier this week, so I was 22. I took the bus to the mall and got some xl Goodnites pull ups. For me it was like buying any purchase. Maybe because I was a cashier for like a year and did not care what people were buying at all, or maybe it was because I am already so use to buying female sanitary items, but I was not nervous to buy them at all. The transaction was as I expected, completely ordinary. Granted, this was after I went to buy some at another store a week ago and the cashier was someone both me and my mom knows. Plus, last time when I bought some MLP toys she insisted I was buying them for charity and asked a bunch of awkward questions.

    After I got home I tried the pull ups on under a footie pj's, and felt very comfortable, warm, and cozy. Some of that warm cozy feeling probably came from walking home in a snowstorm a few minutes before I tried them on.
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    Anxiety like you would never believe. . . I am 25 and did it for the first time about two weeks ago. I planned the entire thing out and could barely sleep the night before. I was extremely worried that someone would recognize me and I had a few excuses and stories ready in case anybody asked.

    However, the whole thing was quick an relatively painless. I had the idea to go through the self-checkout lane to eliminate any potential chatter with the cashier. Unlucky for me, the freaking barcode was messed up and had to have the attendent enter in the code, but not a word was said.

    I even had to go back into the store later that day, this time with family,and was freaking out she might remember me, but again nothing happened.

    So, my suggestion if you are thinking about it. . . .you should more than likely just go for it. Be quick and deliberate. Go in, pick them up, pay and leave. If anybody says anything, just politely say that it is none of their business. Chances are nobody will notice or care.

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    First time i bought diapers, I just bought large baby diapers to see what they were like. I went to a grocery store, and probably spent 30 minutes stalking the isle mustering the guts to go buy them. Once I had them in my hands, my chest had butterflies like crazy. It was a lot of fun looking back.

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    I sometimes get more excited buying diapers than actually wearing them. But the first time I bought them I was terrified. I went to a grocery store late at night, happened to find a sample pack of Depends, and bought them along with one of the biggest grocery shops I've ever done. The next time, which was the first time I bought "real" adult diapers, I walked into a drug store, spent about fifteen minutes psyching myself up, and finally bought a bag of Depends. Still remember them both like they happened yesterday, even though it was over ten years ago. I was 23 and 24 at the time; now I still buy in stores (a few places near me sell M4s), but I'll occasionally shop online if I'm looking for, say, Molicares or good Tenas.

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    I was extremely nervous. I went down to the local Rite Aid to pick up a package of Goodnites. This was compounded by the fact that I wasn't out as trans yet and I was still picking up girls' ones. I was shaking and really obviously nervous and tried to explain myself to the cashier when I didn't need to. Fortunately, nothing bad came of it, and I was happily padded for many nights after.

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    I tried to buy some today at boots but I chickened out. Maybe next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barush View Post
    I tried to buy some today at boots but I chickened out. Maybe next time.
    yesterday i went into boots pharmacy and i was genuinely shitting myself.I walked back and forth past the small stock of incontinence products, constantly checking for when the shop was empty which i soon realised it wasnt going to be. then i had 3 options. - quit the idea and go home
    -go to the big boots with a better chance of getting caught
    -just grow some balls and do it.

    i went up to the cashier and subtly whispered if i could buy something discreetly. she was really friendly and didn't ask any questions other than. "are you sure you want these, there are more subtle options" referring to pads/pull ups.

    Just go for it! it'll be fine

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