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Thread: What is it like wearing Diapers?

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    Default What is it like wearing Diapers?

    I've worn before but it's been so long I can't remember what they feel like.

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    Theres no way i can explain it feels to oddly good and other ways but maybe comforting.

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    Here's my attempt at a SFW description of wearing diapers:

    Most diapers are fairly soft compared to underwear as well as having a noticeable thickness that is evident when you sit or walk around. They generally keep you quite a bit warmer than underwear; great for those cold winter nights! There's usually a slight crinkle when you walk; much more obvious with plastic-backed diapers than with cloth. If your diaper is especially thick or wet, you might have trouble closing your legs or walking. If you're wet, you might feel damp but mostly you'll just feel extra warm and maybe a tiny bit squishy depending on the diaper. The more wet the diaper, the thicker it is and the more damp you are likely to feel. If you're messy, it stinks horribly and you feel basically a large solid lump of a squishy substance in the back of your diaper.

    Most people here describe feeling comforted and safe when wearing diapers - no need to worry about the toilet and the warmth/thickness of the diaper feels like you're being cared for. Some people are aroused, but this site bans NSFW descriptions so I'll stop there. A fresh diaper after a diaper change (including wipes, powder, etc.) feels somehow extra clean compared to normal underwear - it's a very nice feeling.

    Hope I did a good job describing diapers while staying SFW.

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    It feels like love, acceptance and warmth in all the right places. For winter it is a great opportunity to skip the toilet. It was -4 last night here. It is so nice to pass by the restroom at those temperatures. Wearing footie pajamas all day over a thick diaper is so warm and cozy.

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    Comforting and all your stress melts away. Or atleast that is how it is with me. Myself being a baby girl I also use a pacifier and bottle. Laying down in a thick diaper suckling on my paci or baba just let's me fully relax and truly feel soothed and little.

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    I only recently started wearing, so the feeling is still fresh in my mind. This will be from using the Walmart Assurance Briefs, which are the same as Walgreen's Certainty and a few other store brands.

    The cloth-back of the diaper is thin and paper-like. The padding inside is soft to the touch but has a little bulk. The standing leak guards seem a bit stiffer than the other materials and are slighty elastic. For me, the tapes seem small and my first impression was that these small things, despite there being two on each side, could never hold it up. (They do though, I have never had them come undone, and only one ever ripped off while trying to position it.)

    I put them on while standing, leaning against the back/side of a stall to hold them up, and pull the front up between the legs. The material feels soft against my skin and gently cradles my flesh when snug. Personally, due my size and body composition, I use the lower tapes to tighten the leg holes, and the top tapes to tighten it around my hips.

    When freshly diapered, the material is stiff, but soft. I can feel the bulk between my legs and the subtle pressure the snugness exerts on my buttocks. As a male, the front has a little bulge and until everything settles in, I can not help but feel like I am pitching a tent, even when I am not.

    After a few moments wearing, especially when under clothes, I hardly notice that it is even there. I do not notice any waddling when I walk, but I do sometimes feel the material rub against my thighs.

    Wetting the diaper, again as a male, was an odd experience. At first, all you feel is the warmth of fresh urine followed by the odd sensation as it flows over your scrotum towards the bottom of the diaper where it may pool before being wicked away. This is when it will feel like it is going to leak the most. If the diaper is snug and the leak guards are properly positioned, any pooling urine will be absorbed.

    The diaper itself will be bulkier and heavier when wet and you will notice it a lot more, however, unless you have completely flooded it, it will start to feel dry as moisture is wicked away. (Like it is supposed to)

    Potentially TMI, if wetting while standing or sitting and you feel the warm urine traveling up your buttocks, you will have have to change before you wet again as this means the material in the front and bottom has absorbed all it can.

    I have not messed in a diaper for hygienic reasons, but I would imagine that it would be very strange to say the least. I would not mess unless it was my last resort.

    All in all, after I learned to trust the diaper, it gives me comfort that I can let go when I need to. I am taking the pragmatist/practical approach to using diapers, which it to use them when trying to find and make it to the bathroom in time is inconvienent, while still retaining complete control. (Riding a bus, long lectures, movies, study sessions, etc.)

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    Many worry about the noise and crinkle of the diaper but in reality, no one else really cares or would even say anything in the first place. I don't worry about it. No one notices the pants are a little thicker either. I usually wear a foley cath and so I have no control and it is amazing how fast it fills when you have no sensation of going at all. I like the feel and even tho I don't wear that often, it feels great and you just slowly feel it get heavier and heavier. Hope that sheds some light on my 2 cents.

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    Stress reducing padding that covers you from front to back. When wet, it is warm and bulky to let you feel content. When it is soaked, even better.

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    for Bellsimo's I think its like: A well padded compression undergarment they could make you feel more secure and/or little. Wetting and messing is different for everyone and not everyone likes it.

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